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Harness the power of SD-WAN and dare to challenge the Edge.

Enjoy high-speed performance, uncompromised security, ease of deployment, and improved visibility with Datacom Branch Connect, supported by Cisco Meraki. Try our free 30-day SD-WAN trial today.

The Edge is arguably the biggest disruptor in the networking industry since the frame relay changed the way we approached dial telephony. Today, many factors are driving businesses to adapt their approach to traditional networking and embrace what cloud has to offer.

Hybrid workforces are the way of the future, with businesses now supporting both remote workers and staff in the office — many with multiple branches across the country. Under constant strained resource constraint, there is the growing need for high-performing secure networks and applications that operate with real-time optimisation and cost-efficient connectivity.

Datacom Branch Connect delivers one of the world’s most secure and reliable SD-WAN solutions through an industry-leading managed service supported by best-of-breed technology.

Datacom Branch Connect is a managed networking solution that offers:

  • Measurable speed and improved performance
  • Uncompromising security
  • Rapid and simplified deployment
  • Ongoing support and real-time visibility
  • 100 per cent telco independence. 

As a gold-certified Cisco partner, Datacom and Cisco Meraki are the perfect pairing for delivering your future-focused network solution.

Five key considerations for your SD-WAN strategy

The exponential growth of cloud-based applications has forged the need for a more flexible, scalable and less expensive network architecture. Read our guide to learn how you can begin implementing your own SD-WAN solution.

5 key considerations for your SD-WAN strategy

Benefits of SD-WAN for your business

  • Improve app performance

    Your branches will experience higher performing and more reliable applications. Users and applications can also be controlled from any location.
  • Increase staff productivity

    Free your IT staff from managing WANs with centralised software-defined automation and segmentation combined with managed services.
  • Greater cost efficiencies

    Automation helps to further optimise the cost of running WANs, resulting in lower connectivity costs and more efficient use of bandwidth.
  • Increase network performance

    You’ll experience improved network speed as well as more reliable branch connectivity. In the event of a network failure, customers will be automatically re-routed.
  • Great real-time visibility

    Built-in tools and beautiful dashboards will provide application usage reports and in-depth data insights delivered to your devices in real time.
  • Improve network security

    Security settings are simple to synchronise across sites using templates. Branches will benefit from a next-generation firewall, malware protection, and advanced security policies.

Choose your bundle.

Business Connect
Cisco's Meraki SD-WAN
Security solutions and wi-fi
Datacom installation services
On-site deployment, support, and device replacement
Managed service overlay
24/7 Datacom managed services
Network connectivity (any provider)
Telco connectivity and 4G backup
Secure Business Connect
Everything included with Business Connect
Add UTM (unified threat management) and MX
Business Wireless Connect
Everything included with Business Connect
Small: Cisco Meraki MX68CW
Medium: MX67C with up to four MR33 access points
Large: custom scope

All of our bundles offer the following add-ons:

  • Cisco web content security
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Switch and wireless
  • Wi-fi analytics
  • Disaster recovery via Datacom hybrid cloud services
  • Secure internet services
  • Application performance management.

By selecting Datacom as your network IT provider, we’ll work with your business to deliver the right networking solution for you. We offer:

  • Scalable pricing
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to highly certified in-house networking and security experts.

Learn more about what is included in our bundles below.

Experience Datacom Branch Connect

Datacom Branch Connect is a first-class networking solution for your business. Get a free 30-day trial of Cisco Meraki’s SD-WAN hardware and Datacom Branch Connect overlay today.

Free trial

Frequently asked questions

How does SD-WAN help to use bandwidth more efficiently and improve application performance on my WAN?

SD-WAN picks the best path based on rules that are set. We understand how to set these rules to help improve application performance. 

Can you help with an evaluation and provide recommendations on design and performance of my current network?

Yes. We have over 250 trained experts who can migrate your business from traditional networks to SD-WAN.

Can you help with the design and implementation of a wireless network and a deployment to augment my existing network?

With some of the best experts in wireless across Australia and New Zealand, we know how to integrate diverse networks and technologies for your business.

Can you help increase bandwidth to the internet at a utility price?

Yes. We can work with existing telecommunications suppliers or we can supply via our wholesale agreements with suppliers.