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Data-led migration from Oracle platforms

Migrate to the cloud easily and securely with Datacom and Amazon Web Services.


Data is a strategic asset. With the right tools, it becomes predictive and agile. Organisations are often concerned about the risk of unsupported infrastructure and the lack of resiliency of their Oracle applications, which, in many cases, are a crucial part of their core business.

Data-led migration is not just about moving the data, it's also about gaining insights and value from analytics to equip your organisation with the right knowledge to make informed decisions.

Accelerate your migration and see results quickly with the expertise of the partnership between Datacom and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, we have a proven data-led migration strategy to help modernise and secure your IT infrastructure and quickly optimise your dataset. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Datacom helps customers migrate and deploy enterprise applications on the AWS cloud and launch entire enterprise software stacks from Oracle.

Datacom works with AWS' well-architected framework to deliver an agile process, taking you from road map to reality. Our approach helps you plan your move and build the cloud experience, as well as execute and manage your migration programme.

With traditional Oracle workloads going to the cloud one way or another, Datacom can help move you easily and securely. Contact us to create repeatable frameworks and scalable solutions to increase operational efficiency and profitability today.

Move it. Manage it with Datacom.

Datacom runs a series of workshops that deep dive into organisation strategy, relevant IT plans, and current state architecture. We use specialised analysis technology to audit existing implementations and determine the best migration approach. We also validate information as inputs to your business case.

In many cases, Datacom is able to demonstrate a 65 per cent or more reduction in the cost to operate an equivalent AWS-based solution and, therefore, create a self-funding project. Any proposed future-state architecture leverages well-architected best practices, removing the risk of aging infrastructure. Datacom's migration strategy applies automation, security guard rails, right sizing, and right pricing tactics in addition to a more automated and continuous assessment of IT cost and application risk across organisations.