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Technology consulting

Navigate technology changes introduce innovation to your business.

Datacom's technology consulting introduces innovation to set your business up for success.

Technology can transform the fortunes of your organisation. Through our technology consulting, we help organisations navigate through technology change with real know-how.

No matter what stage your technology programme or initiative is at, we’re here to help with insight, people, process, and technology.

All organisations are complex. We help by focusing on the creation of value within your organisation and its wider ecosystem of customers, channels, partners, and suppliers.

We help you find what you need to grasp an opportunity and build greater resilience in a competitive market.

Value-hacking is a methodology that allows you to identify the most critical challenges your business is experiencing — as well as your greatest opportunities for growth — so you can focus on tangible solutions and ways to optimise your strengths.

Bridging The Value Gap

The solutions you need

We'll help your organisation navigate to the technology you need, at the scale required, and away from the things you don’t need.

Experience and expertise

We've got global-experienced consultants and homegrown talent — all based locally.

 Scaled to you 

Our experts will guide you to the solution that's going to land best for you, your people, and your environment.

Human-shaped design

Our entire process is about designing technology and processes for the people who use them.  

Our expertise includes

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Business transformation

Business transformation unlocks the strategic value of your people, processes, and technology.

Innovation and ideation

Get ahead with Datacom's innovation and ideation workshops.