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Cloud file sharing

Databox: use cloud file sharing to sync and share your files on the go.

Databox: use cloud file sharing to sync and share your files on the go.

Empower your employees to collaborate on the go with Databox — Datacom's cloud file sharing platform. Remove the risk of exposing sensitive corporate data by third-party interception. Databox is an enterprise-grade tool that shares files through an encrypted, locally hosted private cloud.

Databox is available in New Zealand and Australia and can share documents to a range of devices. It lets you access, share, and revoke access to information anywhere at any time.

Databox stores, backs up, and synchronises all your files, and makes sure everyone has access to the most up-to-date version of any document. Its one-click sharing capability saves you from ever having to email attachments again

Our file sharing tool, Databox, removes the risk of public cloud collaboration apps by letting employees securely share files through our encrypted, locally hosted private cloud.

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Enterprise-grade security

Databox protects your data by 448-bit encryption and backs it up to the private cloud. Your IT team can remotely wipe files if an employee's device is compromised. You can check that only authorised users are accessing data using audit logs.

BYOD (bring your own device) flexibility

Sync data to authorised devices so employees can share files from anywhere, at any time. You can use Databox on Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows.

Improved productivity

Your workforce can utilise file-sharing notifications and restore previous versions of documents quickly and easily. Staff can also revoke document links to prevent sharing.

Local hosting

We store all data in Australia or New Zealand, so you can be confident that your data remains in the location you choose.

Admin control

A high level of administrative control lets you manage what users can sync and share, as well as revoke access to the system when users leave.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a demo or trial?

We won’t provide a formal demonstration, but we will offer a 30-day trial, a get-started guide and assistance during the product evaluation.

Contact the Datacom cloud team to set up a trial

What is the customer responsible for?

It's 100 per cent self-service via the customer’s Databox admin. The admin may add more users and maintains team shares, sub-organisations, and policies. The customer handles their own internet connection.

What user documentation is provided?

Datacom will provide the administrator user guide, end-user guide, user guides for Android, IOS, and Windows apps, and supplementary guides, such as the data recovery guide.

What training is available?

We provide a link to vendor-provided self-paced training.

We can provide a training session over Skype for a fixed fee. Sessions can also be held at Datacom’s Auckland premises.

Is this product based on Dropbox?

No, Databox is based on a third-party product that is white-labelled for Datacom and is hosted in Datacom’s T3+ data centres. Customers can customise it to show their logo.

What if we want to customise the product?

There are branding options that let you use your logo.

If you want to use Databox for purposes other than file synchronisation and sharing, contact us to discuss.

What service-level guarantees are there?

Databox has an availability service level for the web portal and file sync service.

There are no specific guarantees around performance as it’s an internet-based service.