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Datacom Cloud: private cloud reassurance with public cloud scalability.

Datacom Cloud: private cloud reassurance with public cloud scalability.

Datacom Cloud believes in offering the right cloud at the right time. We understand that cloud is a journey, not a destination. Our cloud experts are certified in all the leading private cloud platforms and technologies. We also make it our business to understand your business.

Our team is here to help you navigate through complexity. We'll be your translator and turn business potential into commercial reality.

As one of the leading private cloud providers across Australasia, we're trusted by significant government agencies, multi-national enterprise, and businesses who all rely on exceptional trusted expertise.

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Ross Delaney
Associate director, Datacom Cloud

On-demand performance

Get dedicated resources for your business unlike public cloud.

Security DNA

Take advantage of fully secure, isolated environments for your most sensitive data and applications.

Tailored services

We design your dedicated compute, storage, and networking needs to meet your growing business needs.

Local presence

Our local cloud-verified experts have world-class expertise and really know their customers.

OpenCloud hyperscale access

Supplement your services from public cloud, including using on-premise services on our OpenCloud, such as Google Anthos, Amazon Relational Database Service, VMware vSphere, and Azure Arc.

Our expertise includes

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Containers service

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Cloud backup

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Cloud storage

Datacom's cloud storage services: scalable data solutions at your fingertips.

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