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We’re experts in contact centre operations and customer engagement technologies.

Enhance your customer experience through connected interactions.

Your customers want you to know them, value them, and enable them. We provide contact centre solutions that enable you to better connect with them across every channel, and help them to self-serve and resolve their issues while respecting their time.

As leaders in contact centre operations and customer engagement, we work with you to improve your customer retention, drive loyalty, and grow your business, utilising scalable and innovative contact centre solutions. Datacom’s range of solutions enhances the way you engage with your customers.

We are experts in applying advanced technologies, including Genesys Cloud, livepro Knowledge Management, IPsoft Amelia artificial intelligence (AI), and other leading customer experience (CX) platform solutions, enabling you to realise your contact centre’s true potential.

Our expertise includes:

  • Definition, implementation, and ongoing support of your environment
  • Integration with your business and associated platforms
  • CX automation and optimisation
  • Knowledge management
  • Customer intelligence, analytics, and industry insight.

Regardless of which channel your customers prefer, Datacom’s holistic solutions ensure you exceed expectations in a constantly changing environment while delivering exceptional levels of service, now and into the future. We have a proven track record of collaborating with customers to determine the best CX platforms, and then deliver the best solutions to achieve your outcomes.

This went above and beyond what we ever expected from this system ... When it came to the crunch and we needed to make things happen, Datacom was there and they delivered.

Hamish Archer
General Manager of Technology, TSB

Improve satisfaction and engagement

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement and productivity through great experiences, easy to use solutions, and full visibility of your operation.

Differentiate your organisation

Stay ahead of the game with a service that flexes with your business and has all of the contact centre features you need in a single, all-in-one solution.

Lower your costs

Move expensive, on-premise solutions to the cloud and gain control with increased self-sufficiency and reduced support needs.

Implement and integrate with ease

We will define, build, and deploy your solution, and provide training, reporting and ongoing support. Pre-built customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, database lookups, and PCI payment integration will further enhance the customer experience.

Scale your solution as your business evolves

Maximise your investment in intellectual property (IP) and employees while increasing resilience and disaster recovery options through remote access enabling you and your team to work from anywhere.

Our expertise includes

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Customer experience operations

Delivering customer contact services and customer experience solutions, at scale.