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Take your contact centre and IT operations to a new level with IPsoft's artificial intelligence, cognitive, and autonomic solutions.

Take your contact centre and IT operations to a new level with IPsoft.

Through our partnership with IPsoft, we team humans with digital employees to unleash creativity and deliver business value at scale. With the introduction of the world's first marketplace for cloud-sourced digital employees, DigitalWorkforce.ai, IPsoft gives your business the ability to launch a hybrid workforce.

With a combination of Amelia, the industry’s most-human cognitive AI colleague, and 1Desk, an end-to-end digital transformation platform, IPsoft streamlines IT operations, automates processes, increases workforce productivity, and improves customer satisfaction. All of these combined delivers bottom-line results.

IPsoft's solutions combine core skills, dynamic logic, and active learning to learn rules and remember information to respond to customers and employees with the correct information they need.

IPsoft serves more than 500 of the world’s leading brands across IT services, financial services and banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors.

The value of implementing digital agents to deliver superior customer service is now undeniable. Through our collaboration with Datacom, we combine market expertise with the cognitive power of IPsoft's Amelia to help clients transform customer care.

Andrew Winlaw
Managing Director, IPsoft Australia and New Zealand

Increased productivity

By removing the burden on employees having to carry out often labour-intensive tasks, they are free to work on high-value tasks and projects to add value to the business.

Embrace the future of work

With IPsoft you can build a hybrid workforce that combines human colleagues with artificial intelligence and autonomic solutions.

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