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Next-generation technologies

Customise next-gen technologies to connect your products and customers.

Customise next-generation technologies to connect your products with your customers.

Is your business considering augmented, virtual, and mixed reality and (internet of things) IoT. These technologies can provide innovative ways to present your products, services, and content and can deliver valuable interactions with your customers. Empower your marketing, sales, or customer experience efforts with next-generation technology.

Datacom can help you test if next-generation technologies are the right platform for your business. We design and develop next-generation products and platforms to deliver high-quality interfaces. We also design and build apps for gadgets, wearables, and smart assets.

Whether you’re looking for a core product, or need a platform to operate connected objects, we offer expert advice on your unique requirements. We'll design and deliver the right measurable solution for your business.

To really understand and master emerging technology you have to beat it up a bit — push it around and toy with it in order to see just how far it can go.

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Greg Whitham
CX consulting director, Datacom

Development with zero constraints

Next-generation technology gives businesses and organisations the ability to prototype and virtually try out rapid design prototypes without having to engage costly manufacture.

Experience without borders

Pull your audience into an immersive environment where they can explore your offering without borders or distraction, and bring your offering to life.

De-risk your investment

Need to train your staff, or delight your customers in a bespoke or difficult environment? Virtual reality and other immersive tech offers solutions without the traditional risks associated with complex or dangerous environments.

Our expertise includes

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Customer experience strategy

Creating a consistent and connected customer experience.

Experience design

Give your customers what they want before they know they want it.

Digital signage

Innovative digital signage solutions for exceptional customer experience.