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Artificial intelligence helps you harness powerful technology to unlock startling value.

Unlock your data's potential with Datacom's modern data platforms.

There's such a buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technology and how they can bring value to your business. Datacom helps you get a clear idea of how you could truly benefit from either. We help enterprise businesses and government organisations navigate to the technology and scale they need.

We have deep domain experts in the technologies themselves, and we have years of success with our value hacking processes. These processes take enterprise businesses from ideation to rapid prototyping, right through to testing and delivery.

Using AI is about being able to enable people to help themselves 24/7, wherever they are in the world.

Stacey Tomasoni
Managing director

Proven methodology

We enable organisations to navigate to technology that unlocks value through our Thinksmash: AI edition.


We bring creativity and imagination, based in real-world, technical know-how. Deliver innovative outcomes that breed value and results.

Human-shaped design

We're all about designing technology and processes for the people who use them.


Emerging technology and AI is a vast field that can be expensive. We help navigate you to everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Our expertise includes

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Advanced analytics

Propel your business into the future with advanced analytics.

Data visualisation

Speed to insights for a competitive advantage.

Modern data platform

Unlock your data's potential with Datacom's modern data platforms.

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