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Business process management

Create workload visibility, identify high-ROI, and improve business processes.

Visualise and improve processes with Datacom's business process management.

A business process management plan doesn't have to involve expensive system integration or high-risk development. Datacom helps you build a plan that ensures you have visibility of workloads and any bottlenecks across your business. 

Datacom’s digital process automation team can help you identify the processes in your business that would yield the highest automation ROI, as well as the appropriate use of tools for business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation.

Our team has delivered BPM solutions to major New Zealand businesses that have transformed the way they operate by standardising and automating their processes. We help significantly reduce manual work and human error, while speeding up processes and cutting costs. We help you drive growth by improving delivery of quality services to your customers.

The program manager at the end of the project, after nearly 12 months, said to me that Datacom delivered every milestone, on target to date, and to budget.

Jonathan Iles
CIO, Carter Holt Harvey

Visibility of processes

Management has visibility of all aspects of the business. This includes people, progress, service level agreements, workloads, and bottlenecks across the entire organisation.

Efficiencies through automation

Our world-class process management engine drives efficiencies by automatically directing tasks. It assigns them to the appropriate teams, individuals, system automations, or software robots. It facilitates immediate action and quick turnaround.

Remove paper processes

Replace paper with low-code mobile-ready SmartForms that are integrated with back-end systems. Validate input at the source to remove duplication and reduce human error and costly rework.

Powerful integration connectors

We utilise integration connectors with many common platforms like Systems Applications and Products, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Windows Azure, SQL Server, and Salesforce. You'll significantly accelerate and de-risk integration tasks.

One place to work

Get an out-of-the-box central work list for all processes. Surface multiple back-end systems' data on a single form using reusable integrated views.

Highly scalable

Get support with delivery methods, tools, and licensing for everything from a simple three-step request-authorise-act process up to processes that include many players (whether human, system, or robot), and integration to any number of systems and databases.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

What deployment options are available?

K2 has options for server deployment and K2 Cloud.

How scalable is the platform?

It's highly scalable. Microsoft uses K2 to manage more than 450 eCommerce sites across more than 240 markets around the world.

Are these typically large engagements?

Engagements are tailored to the needs and pace required. Solutions delivered by our team range from simple ones delivered in a few weeks by a single person, up to major organisational change programmes.

Are the solutions mobile-ready?

Yes. Using K2's low-code SmartForm builder, we build a form once and it is available on browsers and mobile devices. 

What about audit trails in processes?

K2 has built-in audit trails that can be used in reporting or in a visual representation of the process flow to show what path has been followed.

Can it handle approval hierarchies?

Yes. Approval hierarchies are routinely configured into processes and leverage the powerful built-in role-based access functions. It can be configured to send reminders or escalate tasks if they are in danger of breaching SLAs or other targets.