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Analyse and change your business processes from the inside out with Process IQ.

Analyse and change your business processes from the inside out with Process IQ.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are needing to do more with less. Businesses are focusing on reducing cost and risk and improving customer experience. But it can be difficult to find the perfect-fit solution.

Before you decide on technology solutions, it's important to understand the problems you're trying to solve. Process IQ helps you understand your current processes. It identifies the areas of your business that need improvement before you jump into solution mode.

Datacom's Process IQ delivers accurate measurement, metrics, and visualisations of existing business processes. Alongside analysis and forecasting tools, it shows the impact of any process change. It will highlight the primary areas of focus for improvement. Through Process IQ we can help you identify pain points, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies. We'll calculate the potential improvements that automation and optimisation can deliver.

Once this analysis is complete, we'll identify and leverage the solutions you need to set you up for business success.

What’s impressed me most is Datacom’s willingness to respond and change in order to maintain our good working relationship.

Chris East
Former chief information officer, Department of Internal Affairs

Increase understanding

We visualise and measure an organisation’s current process states. They calculate the costs associated with current process challenges and inefficiencies.

Measure return on investment

We help organisations fully understand their current processes and identify the most appropriate areas for improvement before jumping into solution mode.

Inform the business case

Calculate the potential improvements that can be delivered through automation and optimisation across multiple metrics, such as cost, time, risk, and quality.

Continuous improvement

We can prove that any process-improvement project delivers the expected return on investment and act as a platform for continuous improvement.

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