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Dispose of old IT assets securely and responsibly with Datacom's asset recovery service.

Dispose of old IT assets securely and responsibly with Datacom's asset recovery service.

Datacom's asset recovery service buys back your IT assets. Whether it’s because of a planned refresh cycle or a technology upgrade, you may no longer need some of your IT assets.

Trade in the IT assets that are either surplus to your needs or being replaced by new equipment (depending on the asset and its age) and we’ll provide all of the collection and compliant data-wiping services along with ISO-certified data erasure certificates.

The process is quick and easy. Email a list of your assets and we can get you a no-obligation quote. 

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Dispose of old IT assets in a secure, responsible and cost-effective way.

How Datacom's asset recovery service works

Datacom’s asset recovery service is a great avenue to increase our customer’s IT budgets by repurposing unused IT equipment back into market.

Peter Stein
GM strategy, Product Solutions Group (PSG) — Australia

Money back

Replenish some of the funds from end-of-life technology assets by trading them in.

Convenient data wiping

We offer flexible and convenient data wiping options (onsite and offsite). Our data-wiping and collection of assets deliver peace of mind.

Social responsibility

Datacom's asset recovery service focuses on repurposing rather than destructing devices and technology.

Ability to decommission

Our trained team can come on-site to uninstall and decommission your IT equipment prior to collection.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

What is buy back?

Buy back is the process of trading in your IT assets that are either surplus to your needs or being replaced by new equipment.

What ISO accreditations does Datacom hold?

We are ISO 9001-certified and AS/NZS 5377-certified.

What are your data wiping standards and certificates?

We offer one-pass, three-pass, and seven-pass data wipes. We also offer drive destruction if absolutely necessary. Our compliant data-destruction certificates are issued upon completion. 

What percentage of stock goes to landfill?

Nothing goes to landfill. Of the IT assets that go through our asset recovery service, 5 per cent goes to e-waste and the rest gets repurposed. Repurposed devices are data wiped, cleaned, and redeployed to users across the world.

Can you do onsite data wiping?

We offer onsite data wiping for both end-user compute and enterprise infrastructure.

What types of equipment are you looking for?

Tablets, smartphones, handheld scanners, notebooks, desktops, servers, storage, switches, and routers, to name just a few.

Who transports the goods?

We use specialist logistics partners to perform onsite packing and removal of assets. They also look after the transportation of the assets.

Are the assets insured?

All assets are fully insured both in transit and when they are stored.

Where are the assets stored?

We have warehouse facilities in New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, and South Australia.


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