IT professional monitoring systems

Managed IT services

Outsource the modernisation and maintenance of your IT systems.

Outsource the management of your IT systems.

With Datacom's managed IT services, you can outsource the modernisation, management, and maintenance of your IT systems and infrastructure to us. Free up your team's time so they can focus on what they do best.

No matter the size of your business, you'll see benefits in speed, agility, and enhanced customer experience by allowing Datacom to take the reigns. We'll ensure your systems are reliable, compliant, secure, and optimised to meet the demands of your business and exceed customer expectations.

Our managed IT services encompass world-class platform engineering, cloud, network, field, and service desk services, supported by service management functions. Our offerings range from operations management, transformational projects, packaged solutions, and consulting capabilities. We customise our solutions to your unique needs.

Datacom’s managed services help businesses modernise applications, maintain and evolve critical systems, and reduce technical debt by using best-in-breed people, processes, and technology underpinned by uncompromised values alignment.

Rohit Anand
Director, Managed Services, Datacom

Reduce operating costs

Improve visibility of costs and service through better quality decisions, while delivering clever solutions that increase capability, speed, and efficiency.

Reduce downtime

We'll monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7, and if we notice any issues, we'll get to work to remedy the situation quickly. No more lengthy downtimes.

React to the market

Be able to create greater organisational agility to react quickly to market opportunities and threats.

Agility in our services

Speed is important, but the ability to change direction quickly without breaking everything is just as important.

Assurance and compliance

We'll ensure your systems are secure and compliant with industry best practices. We provide visibility and transparency of key data and insights.

Our expertise includes

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Intelligent workspace

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Platform engineering

Achieve business value from your investment in on-premise and cloud infrastructure by outsourcing to Datacom's platform engineering team.