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Digital supply chain

Get real time visibility and integration across your network.

Supply chain technologies that empower your network.

Datacom is well-entrenched in the digital supply chain story of New Zealand. We design, build, and maintain digital supply chain solutions to optimise our clients’ businesses, and shape the future of the transportation and logistics industry

Our systems cover in-field tracking and freight management, and we provide full visibility of all events across your network. We also cover and integrate human resources, payroll, and enterprise resource planning platforms. With Datacom, we can help begin your digital transformation journey and accelerate it to success.

For many clients, digital transformation starts with the replacement of paper-based systems in critical areas of the business. They see vast improvements in cost savings and efficiency by implementing digital systems into areas such as customer interactions (booking, billing, and event tracking), customer service, and exception management.  

Our digital supply chain solution also integrates critical systems across the business, and between customers and receivers. This enables real-time updates and removes significant waste, such as manual and paper processing.

The deployment of advanced analytics to deliver smart, accurate forecasting and visibility, allows clients to move ahead of the competition.

Success is about seeing the freight that moved, not just moving the freight.

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Dave Ffowcs-Williams
Head of Transport and Logistics, Datacom

Transparency and visibility

See everything in your supply chain as it happens.

Improve profitability

Reduce operating costs and increase asset utilisation.

Staff retention

Encourage job satisfaction by giving your team the tools they need to do their jobs well.

Remove paperwork and friction

Eliminate manual supply chain processes and unnecessary paperwork. Utilise seamless and integrated transactions instead.

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Extended logistics

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with Datacom's extended logistics supply chain.