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Engage, connect, and involve your community with Antenno.

Engage, connect, and involve your community with Antenno.

Antenno is a mobile app that helps councils and other public sector authorities engage and involve communities. You can send targeted notifications based on the places and topics people care about. People won't need to go out of their way to find authority information. People don’t even need to check the app. All they need to do is add places they care about, and they'll get notifications that are relevant.

When people in the community spot a problem or have a suggestion, they can use Antenno to send these to the relevant authority. They can create reports while offline to be sent later. Authorities can respond to the person via Antenno, keeping them up to date with what’s happening.

Authorities can interact through a medium that is convenient to its users. Through Antenno, authorities show digital leadership.

The councillors have been getting good feedback from the community. Datacom’s Antenno has helped the public engage with us, and us with them, better than ever.

Sonia Gerken
Communications/marketing manager, Gore District Council

Increased community engagement

People who use Antenno are more informed, more involved, and have a better understanding of what their councils do. Authorities can get reports and suggestions direct from the public.

Reach more stakeholders

Reach people who are stakeholders anywhere in your district. Authorities can even reach those with local interests who live elsewhere.

Provide targeted information

Targeted posting capability means information is more likely to be relevant. Authorities can use Antenno to send push notifications when new information is available.

Streamline operations

Antenno can be directly integrated into your processing system, generating a simple and fast approach to identifying community concerns.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I brand Antenno for my organisation?

Antenno’s focus is bringing together public-interest information in one place for the good of the community. Within the app, the posts themselves are branded. We don’t offer a white-labelled or own-branded option.

How does Antenno integrate with existing systems?

Antenno can call a secure RESTful API, passing JSON data in an Antenno-standard format. Other integration mechanisms are possible with external systems that support API integration.

My region doesn’t have good mobile coverage. Is this a barrier to using Antenno?

It’s not a problem. If a person’s device isn’t connected to wi-fi or is out of coverage, it will receive posts later when connected.

Is there a roadmap for the product’s future direction?

Yes, there is a significant roadmap for Antenno. We review this quarterly, including input from customers.