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Technical controls

Datacom's technical controls enforce your cybersecurity policy.

Datacom's technical controls enforce your cybersecurity policy.

Technical controls that are accurately configured can go a long way to protect your organisation from the myriad of different attack vectors, but none are silver bullets on their own.

Defence requires the basics to be managed well — firewalls, endpoint protection, web, and email, but more advanced controls are necessary to manage privileges, control access to cloud services, and to detect and respond to sophisticated attacks on servers and endpoints. 

Datacom can deliver these advanced controls as a service and ensure they add the additional layers of control that can improve your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is a business risk which is truly unique. It’s critical every organisation understands its dependency with its goals and objectives. We partner with our clients to collectively understand this and drive up the cyber maturity curve.

Ben Schofield
Datacom cybersecurity

Visibility of vulnerabilities

Discover and detect vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and applications. It's essential to understand which threats give risk to your organisation.

Understand your risk level

We interpret your security controls, what's working and what isn’t, if current controls are sufficient and effective, and if additional compensating controls are required.

Cyber resilience

If your business has a high level of resilience, a cyber attack is much less likely to impact your operations — you will adapt and recover.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

What services or tools does Datacom have to benchmark my organisation's cybersecurity maturity?

We have a range of services to help organisations understand their current maturity and plot a course to their target state. One of those is a risk assessment. This is a consulting engagement, which is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework 

We have a certification and compliance requirement to ISO standard. What scope can Datacom help with?

Datacom can provide your organisation with support to obtain and sustain compliance to industry standards such as ISO 2700 and PCI-DSS. We can also build, run, and manage your environment and provide virtual staff services such as information security manager (ISM),  IT security manager (ITSM), and chief information security officer (CISO).   

We would like to train our staff to become more aware of cyber-related risks. How can Datacom help?

Datacom offer services such as managed phishing. This enables you to benchmark your team, then train them in specific risk areas whilst tracking improvement over time and improving your overall security posture.


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