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Integrate anything, any time, anywhere. Create lasting competitive advantage.

Integration — the foundation of digital transformation.

Digital integration provides the ability to integrate anything, any time, and anywhere is a powerful tool for businesses who want to drive innovation. Business can create lasting competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency and opening up to new business models and partner ecosystems. Harnessing the creativity of co-creation business can see meaningful product and revenue growth.

Integration done well can reduce maintenance costs and improve the velocity of data sharing. It can speed up the on-boarding of new capabilities. It also leverages advantages of all systems, whether they're mobile-, social-, or cloud-based. Digital transformation also means IT departments are likely to have less control over IT-related initiatives, such as:

  • HR looking to SaaS-based talent management systems
  • The head of marketing using a digital agency to drive better online experiences for customers.

These initiatives need integration with core systems. Integration is vital to bind these technology initiatives together to achieve improved business outcomes.

Datacom’s approach to Integration centres around the delivery of ongoing business value. We've developed a series of packages that structure the successful delivery of integration value. We can help from strategy through to the ongoing operation and improvement.

Datacom, together with the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, are working as a key enabler for Toyota New Zealand’s digital strategy

Jeremy Hearn
Team lead, solution architecture, information services, Toyota Motor Corporation

Reusable assets

Revitalise legacy systems and open them up to innovation. Introduce new interfaces for easier use across new web, mobile, and IoT experiences. Open up the business to new business models and partner ecosystems.

Agility, visibility, and efficiency

Target resources and understand where data comes from and how to leverage it best. Deploy new initiatives through components, adapters, and connections to current and future systems.

Time and cost savings

Reusable IT assets reduce investment and provide resilient systems and less technology debt. You'll make great gains over point-to-point integrations.

Accelerated growth

Reduce the friction on your business, and clear the way for operational efficiency and growth.

Our expertise includes

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Agile squads

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Application management

Maintaining and enhancing your existing applications through reliable application management.

Capability development

Let us help your development teams be the best through automation testing, DevOps, and agile training.

Software projects

Datacom's agile software development and application development set your business up for success.