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World-class education starts here

Datacom’s Beacon School project is creating the leaders of tomorrow by transforming education today.

Cutting-edge learning environments

The Beacon School project is not about technology. It’s about developing 21st-century skills, such as collaboration, communication, personal/social, critical, and creative thinking skills essential for success in the knowledge economy. It’s about supporting young people by giving them the opportunity to develop skills that foster innovation from which individuals, communities, and countries can thrive. 

Transforming education is more than new devices. It’s rethinking the classroom as being real world and socially connected, where learning can take place anywhere, anytime. 

The Beacon School project is designed to deliver world-class, next-generation learning environments for teachers and students. Through a multi-year, whole-of-school journey, 21st-century skills are embedded in the curriculum and brought to life through innovative practices.

Datacom and our partners, including Google, equip students and teachers with the tools and skills they need for the future of work. We work to bring everyone on the journey, including the school leadership council, teachers, staff, students, and the parent community.  

The Beacon School project rewards schools with:

  • Highly sought-after Google reference status in the education sector
  • Significant upgrades to your school’s IT environment
  • World-leading professional development programmes for teachers.

Remote learning with COVID-19

With remote learning implemented by many schools across Australia, we look at how Mount Waverley Heights Primary School in Victoria — Datacom’s first Beacon School — is coping with remote learning. How has the Google for Education solution assisted the teachers and how have they been able to offer continuity of learning?

Benefits of the Beacon School project

The Beacon School project is an exciting partnership between industry and education, with a mission to deliver:

  • Enhanced learning environments for teachers and students through a world-class multi-year partnership
  • Pathways for students that contribute to the development of the knowledge economy in Australia
  • Provide access to other programmes and opportunities for students, teachers, and the school community
  • The best of Datacom, Google, and other technologies in education.
Transformation of the classroom.
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World-class standards.
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Introductions to other educators, globally.
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Ongoing professional development.
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Access to unlimited resources and support.
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School and parents
An unfair advantage by developing the skills of tomorrow.
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Benefit from world-class technology and methods of teaching.
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Leading-edge programme.
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Google reference status.
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Increase in parent and teacher satisfaction.
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Chromebooks to underpin learning.
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Cloud-first learning on the Google for Education platform.
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Strong collaboration with other students and teaching staff.
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Ability to explore and develop.
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Identify and encourage students with an aptitude for careers in IT and participating in the knowledge economy.
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Excursions and incursions relevant to careers in IT to inspire students.
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