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Survive to Thrive

Digital Recovery Framework

The world has flipped the switch from physical to digital and it's never going back.

While most New Zealanders and Australians are currently weathering the COVID-19 storm at home in our isolation bubbles and makeshift home offices, the organisations we work with are already looking into ways they can survive the short-term and recover as quickly as possible.

Given the extreme speed and severity of the economic challenges brought about by COVID-19, now more than ever organisations need to be equipped with specific tools to tackle the digital challenges this presents.

The world has flipped the switch from physical to digital and it’s never going back. We’ve canvassed expert opinion as to why, and what your business can do to survive the initial change and recover quickly in this new economy. Discover our COVID-19 Digital Recovery Framework below.

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About the Digital Recovery Framework

  • The Digital Recovery Framework has specifically been designed to illustrate the macro-economic digital challenges we see organisations facing, based on our research, experience and customer discussions. 
  • The situation is unprecedented and changing rapidly, so we will continue to update it regularly as new information and insights come to light.
  • Clear industry-specific trends and differences are emerging. We will continue to cover these and update with deep-dive blogs and content.  
Survive to Thrive COVID-19 Digital Recovery Framework

How to use the Digital Recovery Framework

The framework is designed as a high-level guide. It is a first iteration of a plan-on-a-page, to help organisations and leaders understand the key issues and define their strategic pathway to digitally rebooting their business for the COVID-19 economy.

We have grouped the COVID-19 related digital impacts and the actions we see organisations taking into two critical time spans:

  • Survive. Short-term, tactical survival challenges in the left column.
  • Thrive. Medium to long-term strategic growth challenges in the right column.

The impacts are grouped into four key headings within each column. These areas cover the transformation spectrum, from revenue generators at the top through to efficiency and cost saving drivers on the bottom. 

Each impact area is connected horizontally from the Survive column to the Thrive column.

This demonstrates how we expect organisations will transition between the two states over time.

Survive the short term and recover as quickly as possible

We're having daily conversations with organisations that are struggling in this new environment, or have stopped altogether, not just to get started again, but to adapt and thrive. It is clear that, getting back to business as usual is simply not going to be enough.

The Digital Recovery Framework should be adapted to meet the unique needs of each organisation in dealing with COVID-19 business impact. From there, it must be fleshed out into a roadmap of activity to help turn each goal into reality and aid business recovery.

Putting the framework in action

Our Advisory consultants are here to help you:

  • Adapt the framework to meet the unique needs of your organisation 
  • Develop a roadmap to drive your Survive and Thrive goals forward

Download the business canvases

  • Process optimisation icon
    Process optimisation business canvas
    Process optimisation unlocks superior service and delivery to customers, and greater employee satisfaction. Experience greater productivity, profitability, scalability, and agility. Download now
  • Digital experience icon
    Digital experience business canvas
    The canvas is intended to prompt consideration across customer empathy, customer value, technology, and limitations. Download now
  • Value realisation icon
    Value realisation business canvas
    This canvas helps you pivot to address challenges and to seize opportunities. To succeed in value realisation think about why your business needs to focus on an objective and how technology can help. Download now
  • Customer centricity icon
    Customer centricity business canvas
    To provide great customer experience, you must consider data. The customer centricity business canvas explores the relationship between the customer as an individual and the business or organisation. Download now