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The Future of Work

Flexible IT managed services for powering a hybrid workforce.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a handbrake on many aspects of the economy, but it has also accelerated conversations about where our workforce will be in the short- and long-term future.

At Datacom, we believe organisations will increasingly be transitioning to a hybrid workforce model in which employees will move between their home and the office. To begin transforming your organisation, we offer a full suite of solutions across applications, infrastructure, storage, devices, and managed services. 

Through our partnership with HP we also offer hybrid devices that allow your teams to move seamlessly and securely between each working environment. As a well-recognised managed service provider, we offer industry-leading IT support for companies throughout Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and the rest of New Zealand.

Four ways to optimise your hybrid work model

To help you plan for success in this new model, we’ve outlined the four pillars required to optimise your hybrid workforce.

Find out which device package best suits your working style

With Datacom and HP as your technology partners, we can help keep your hybrid workforce engaged and productive, while also keeping your sensitive data secure. 

Take our online hybrid workforce quiz to find out what device package is best tailored to your working style. 

Alternatively, contact us today and book in your free device consultation. We’ll discuss best strategies.

Book a consultation

With Datacom and HP as your technology partners, we can help keep your hybrid workforce engaged and productive, while also keeping your sensitive data secure. Contact us today and book in your free device consultation. We’ll discuss the best strategies that are most suited to your working style.