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Work together, apart

Enterprise-level secure collaboration from wherever you are — the only way to work remotely.

The distinction between work and home has blurred, and the need for trusted and transparent collaboration is even more critical. 

Datacom and Cisco offer a safe and legitimate remote workplace option. Revolutionising the way people work with anyone, anywhere, at any time, with an absolute peace of mind. 

Together, Datacom and Cisco offer a unique enterprise-level experience for employees, customers, and partners, with safe access to company resources, built-in secure connections, strong authentication, and threat defence. 

A seamless transition to a distributed work model is possible. Now that we're working from home more than ever, transparent collaboration and a more flexible approach to work and wellbeing become more important. Employees have to trust they can safely collaborate, communicate, and work, and cybersecurity and IT teams need the same peace of mind.

We are there to ensure you are always better connected — safely, securely, and legitimately.

  • Legitimate, hybrid workplace

    Evolve to a secure, distributed work model while maintaining operations. Protect employee safety and cut on-site costs. Provide secure access for any user regardless of where they're connecting from.
  • Trusted, collaborative workplace

    Accelerate teamwork, reinforce your workforce, and work smarter. Create a workplace people trust with strong employee engagement and collaboration, and customer and employee experiences.
  • Cybersecurity peace of mind

    Reduce cyber risk and remain vigilant against threats through built-in safety and security. Transform how people connect with secure user access and device verification at scale.

The hybrid workplace is here to stay

With most of today's workers no longer bound to primary workplaces, a fresh approach has emerged. Employees can choose where and how they'll work.

Businesses must now examine how to move forward. They must investigate everything from establishing flexible working arrangements to supporting a blend of remote and office-based workers.

We now have a unique opportunity to improve how people work, wherever they are. The need for safe, secure, and transparent collaboration has never been greater. The path forward is a hybrid workplace.

Datacom and Cisco can help you reimagine and redesign your workforce by extending secure, enterprise collaboration and connectivity to remote workers, customers, and partners, no matter where they're working from. We have access to an enhanced application experience, with solutions that can be centrally managed.

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A workplace people trust

The sudden shift to mass remote working creates a series of security challenges. Security and IT staff are tasked with the challenge to make sure employees are protected on any device, wherever and whenever they choose to work.

Datacom and Cisco are trusted partners who are able to provide effective security solutions with unrivalled threat intelligence and an industry-leading zero-trust approach, where everything is verified. Together, we are deeply committed to meeting customer needs and supporting the resolution of continually evolving threats.

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Unifying the workplace

Bring your people together to generate truly unified teamwork. Cisco Webex combines messaging, meetings, calls, video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time whiteboarding into a single, secure platform. 

Cisco is one our core IT vendor partnerships who we view as critical to workplace success. Maintaining high levels of competency in Cisco workplace technologies, we invest heavily to ensure specialists are qualified and have access to the best training, tools, and support networks.

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Preparing for the 'new normal' today

The accelerated digital transformation that occurred in the early days of the global COVID-19 pandemic will help set the stage for preparing for the 'new normal' way of working. Download and read our remote worker eBook to learn more.

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The legitimate way to work remotely

According to chief financial officers (CFOs) surveyed in the June 2020 PwC US CFO Pulse Survey:

  • 54% of CFOs will make a permanent option for relevant roles.

  • 81% of business' focus is on changing safety measures and needs.

  • 49% say tech investments being made now will set them up for the long-term.

About our Cisco partnership

Datacom and Cisco offer the most legitimate remote work options. Together, we revolutionise the way people work with anyone, anywhere, at any time, with absolute peace of mind. We offer a unique enterprise-level experience for employees, customers, and partners with safe access to company resources, built-in secure connections, strong authentication and threat defence.

As a Gold Certified partner of Cisco, our partnership is fully equipped to provide the best service and delivery through our expertise in security and collaboration.

Get peace of mind to focus on what you do best, while we do what we do best.

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