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Agile productivity

Seventy-eight per cent of New Zealand leaders now say they have strategic plans in place to improve agility within the next year.* Research shows that agility — an organisation’s ability to adapt and change quickly in response to external change — is a critical priority for senior leaders and executives in New Zealand.

Source: IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021.

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Build an empowered culture and resilient workforce with agile productivity

Agile organisations have systems, processes, and the culture in place to rapidly change and adapt to disruption. Datacom’s agile productivity approach can help you quickly analyse your organisation, establish a robust benefit baseline, and rapidly develop a value-based agility road map aligned to your organisational strategy.

The challenge

To thrive in today’s environment, organisations face a paradigm shift from a rigid machine model structure to a dynamic adaptive systems approach. The challenge is that this is not a simple organisation structure change, a new process, a technology platform, or even solely a culture shift. A holistic change programme that combines all of these is required for success.

Culture comes first. Everyone involved in the creation and delivery of value throughout the organisation must firstly embrace an agile mindset of collaboration, experimentation, fast learning cycles, and responsiveness to change. The organisation structure, processes, and technology required to enable this change from leadership through to operations must follow rapidly. For most organisations, their transition to agility will be one of the most significant changes they will make. It is also one that most organisations can’t afford to ignore, and the early adopters will reap great competitive advantage.

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The solution

Datacom’s agile productivity approach provides the people and expertise to assess, plan, and guide your organisation through your agility journey:

  • Strategic change planning: specialist agile consultants can help to assess, design, and guide your approach and change plan
  • Accredited agile training: establish strong foundations for your new culture with proven training frameworks
  • Team coaching: bring learnings to life and embed them into daily practice with expert industry leaders
  • Agile at scale: expand your agile ways of working beyond your frontline teams by mapping and implementing value streams throughout your business that continuously deliver value across your strategic themes
  • Lean change: invite your people to own and drive the change process through rapid, adaptive feedback loops.
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Talk to the experts

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, culture and ways of working are critically important — and in a digital-first world, Datacom is a leader in achieving this.

Our agile pulse assessment is a fast and straightforward way to get started:​

  1. ​Our specialist agile advisory consultants engage virtually, using our unique agile pulse framework to assess your people, process, and platform needs.
  2. We present you with a report outlining the road map to achieving your agility goals, estimated cost, and return on investment​.
  3. You can make an informed investment decision and start your journey with confidence.

Whether it’s one team or an organisation-wide change, Datacom’s experienced team of experts can deliver a quality end-to-end outcome from strategy to reality within weeks so your organisation can survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Datacom’s agile experts

  • Datacom's Susan Adams
    Susan Adams, Principal Advisory Consultant, Agile Culture Change
    Susan is an agile coach, Scrum master, IT project manager, and business change manager with more than 20 years of experience in both New Zealand and the UK.
  • Datacom's Mike Newbrook
    Mike Newbrook, Senior Consultant — Agile Culture & Lean Change Management
    Mike has 15-plus years of delivery and business change experience across public and private sectors. He helps organisations implement better ways of working through agile principles and practices.
  • Datacom's Damian Brown
    Damian Brown, Consulting Director — Agile Culture & Lean Change Management
    Damian has been an agile practitioner, trainer, and coach since 2008 and is one of New Zealand's most experienced Kanban practitioners. He has a successful track record of delivering complex projects.

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Become a digitally agile enterprise
Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021 and get industry-leading insight from New Zealand senior leaders and market analysts.