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Customer centricity

New Zealand organisations with an integrated view of customers and advanced predictive customer insights reported more than three times higher market share growth and four times faster speed to market than other groups.*

Truly understanding customers and anticipating their needs is the new frontier for businesses seeking to create new offerings, tailored experiences, and seamless delivery and services in rapidly changing markets.

Source: IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021.

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Embrace customer centricity with Datacom

Providing customers with a comprehensive and highly tailored experience requires timely, meaningful, and actionable data across every internal system and customer touchpoint.​

Datacom’s customer centricity approach can help you quickly assess, identify, and implement initiatives to maximise the value of your customer data so your organisation can adapt to their needs and thrive in the new digital-first normal.

The challenge

In today’s challenging environment, customer loyalty is based on their very last interaction with your organisation.

Customers expect organisations to deliver a unique experience that meets their exact requirements at the moment they — not the organisation — choose. This requires tightly integrated back-end systems with real time access to meaningful data and insight-driven analytics.​

So, where do you start? Do you need a strategy? Does it require new technology investment? How do you understand the needs of your customers? How do you allow for, and predicate, your customers’ changing needs and expectations over time? How do you measure success?

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The solution

Datacom’s customer centricity approach applies insight, experience, and technology to help your organisation become truly customer-centric:

  • Data and customer experience (CX) advisory consultants apply decades of experience and proven frameworks to help you develop your unique data and customer strategy
  • Data and analytics tools enable real time visualisation and insights of your customers’ interactions and behaviour changes across all channels and touchpoints
  • Digital platforms collect customer data from interactions and use data to tailor experiences
  • Integration platforms enable real time connectivity between your data, customer, and supply chain
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms empower teams with centralised customer data and workflows.
Datacom Re:Flex customer centricity approach diagram

Download our lean customer centricity worksheet

Use our lean customer centricity worksheet to identify opportunities for your organisation to fully enable and empower the value of your data in service of customers.

Using a staged approach to identify and consider areas of friction or concern, alongside areas of opportunity, the Datacom lean customer centricity worksheet serves as a good starting point for unlocking digital agility.

Contact one of our specialists below for expert assistance with applying the worksheet to your organisation.

Datacom's lean customer centricity worksheet front cover

Talk to the experts

In rapidly changing markets, customer insight is critically important — and in a digital-first world, customer data is the key to achieving this.

Our data pulse assessment is a fast and straightforward way to get started:​

  1. ​Our specialist advisory consultants engage virtually, using our unique data pulse framework to assess your people, process, and platform needs
  2. We present you with a report outlining the road map to achieving your customer centricity goals, estimated cost, and return on investment​ (ROI)
  3. You can make an informed investment decision and start your journey with confidence.

Whether it’s a new solution or optimising your current platforms, Datacom’s experienced team of experts can deliver a quality end-to-end outcome from strategy to reality within weeks so your organisation can survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Datacom’s customer centricity experts

  • Datacom's Greg Whitham
    Greg Whitham, CX Consulting Director
    As head of CX, Greg identifies pain points and opportunities alongside rational and emotional cues to help customers go from awareness to consideration, engagement, and long-term loyalty.
  • Datacom's Matthew Polson
    Mathew Polson, Head of Technology — Data and Analytics
    Matthew has extensive international consulting experience across a broad range of industries. He solves real business problems through data and evolving technologies such as machine learning and AI.

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Responding to rapid change has never been more important.

Business is changing faster, and the challenges of 21st-century economies are evident everywhere. From talent shortages and remote workforces, supply chain tension and geopolitical volatility, and shifting customer demand and aggressive competition — change and uncertainty are the norms. Discover how your peers are meeting these challenges, and leveraging their newfound focus on agility.

Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021, sponsored by Datacom.

IDC InfoBrief cover

The public sector’s need to be responsive is more pressing than ever before.

The modern demands of the public sector, at every level of government and to every public service and platform, continues to bring new challenges to the market. Expectations born of the private sector are increasingly driving constant change, and new technologies and transactional platforms bring new opportunities and challenges every day. 

Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021 — Public Sector, sponsored by Datacom, to see how digitally-enabled agility will continue to define successful outcomes. 

The New Zealand Parliament building in Wellington