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Process optimisation

High-performing New Zealand organisations are 77 per cent more likely to have integrated automation, real time data flows, analytics, and agile approaches.* Process optimisation and a culture of continuous performance improvement are at the heart of successful agile organisations.

Source: IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021.

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Unlock speed and agility through process optimisation with Datacom

Automating processes, reducing waste, and removing manual steps can drive massive gains in customer experience, employee experience, and operating efficiencies. Datacom’s process optimisation approach brings clarity to the process landscape, exposes the critical path to value, and delivers a road map to drive meaningful change.

The challenge

Many organisations are struggling to respond to rapid and unpredictable customer demands and changes in the market, while also maintaining efficiency and cost competitiveness. Successful organisations build processes that can quickly adapt with agile approaches to drive continuous improvement through incremental and sustainable experiment and change loops.

New digital process tools also provide new insights that allow leaders to monitor and make decisions in real time, on where and how they can drive further efficiency.

Datacom’s process optimisation approach uses a structured framework to rapidly assess challenges and identify where to start to deliver the most value.

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The solution

Datacom’s process optimisation approach delivers the expertise, experience, and technology to help organisations improve their processes:

  • Lean process advisory consultants bring experience and proven frameworks to optimise and establish the culture and processes for continuous improvement
  • Process analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) tools enable rapid visualisation and analysis of your processes and key metrics
  • Robotics and workflow automation tools help to digitise and automate manual processes
  • Lean change management approaches enable your people to own and drive change
  • Modern workplace technologies empower employees to collaborate effectively, improving decision making and reducing wait times.
Datacom Re:Flex process optimisation approach diagram

Talk to the experts

In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, efficient and flexible process is critically important — and in a digital-first world, Datacom is a leader in achieving this.

Our process pulse assessment is a fast and straightforward way to get started:​

  1. ​Our specialist advisory consultants engage virtually, using our unique process pulse framework to assess your people, process, and platform needs
  2. We present you with a report outlining the road map to achieving your process goals, estimated cost, and return on investment​ (ROI)
  3. You can make an informed investment decision and start your journey with confidence.

Whether it’s a new solution or optimising your current platforms, Datacom’s experienced team of experts can deliver a quality end-to-end outcome from strategy to reality within weeks so your organisation can survive today and thrive tomorrow.

Datacom’s process optimisation experts

  • Datacom's Jonathan Glenister
    Jonathan Glenister, Consulting Director
    Jonathan is a strategist with 20 years of commercial experience and a history of successful project delivery. He's an advocate of customer-centric solutions to add business value.
  • Datacom's Dave Ffowcs Williams
    Dave Ffowcs Williams, Head of Supply Chain
    With over 30 years of experience, supply chain expert, Dave, works with businesses across New Zealand to help them get on the road to a more efficient, traceable, and responsive supply chain.
  • Datacom's Paul Proctor
    Paul Proctor, Business Development Manager
    With 25-plus years of experience in digital process, Paul focuses on mapping, intelligence, and optimisation to help clients achieve process maturity, maximum efficiency, and continuous improvement.

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Become a digitally agile enterprise
Download IDC InfoBrief: New Zealand’s State of Agility 2021 and get industry-leading insight from New Zealand senior leaders and market analysts.