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Build your own website

Give your customers a great digital experience with a website they enjoy visiting.

Focus on creating engaging websites without worrying about the technical side.

Traditional council website projects are often expensive and take a long time to build, while delivering underwhelming results. To solve this, Datacom has developed an all-in-one content management system (CMS) specifically for councils. Our cloud-based CMS gets your website up using high quality, best practice templates at low cost, zero friction and in a fixed timeframe.

Datacom looks after design, development, infrastructure and security, so you can focus on creating engaging websites without needing to worry about (or resource for) the technical side. In addition to providing your main corporate site, we offer a variety of templates designed specifically for smaller sub-sites that councils often need, so you can simplify your IT management and look after all your content in one place.

Creating accessible and mobile-compatible council websites relies on advanced knowledge of web administration and languages like HTML and CSS without the proper support. Our easy to use drag and drop “site builder” technology lets you create beautiful and accessible websites which work on all devices, without needing to be an expert. Help your community access vital information and services while having a great customer experience on a responsive council website.

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Easy content management
Great customer experiences
Community engagement
Stay open 24/7
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Easy content management

Designed with usability and simplicity in mind, we make it easy for you to create, upload and edit content quickly with our intuitive authoring interface.

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Easy content management
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Easy content management

Designed with usability and simplicity in mind, we make it easy for you to create, upload and edit content quickly with our intuitive authoring interface.

Great customer experiences

Great customer experiences

A thoughtful and intuitive website that customers enjoy visiting and can use to carry out their tasks effectively makes for great customer experiences.

Community engagement

Community engagement

Having an online space for customers to connect with your organisation makes for great community engagement. They can find out about the latest news and events that may affect them, as well as engage with the council in a way that suits their lifestyle.

Stay open 24/7

Stay open 24/7

With a tailored website your organisation can answer your customers' questions even when staff are not present.

Product features

  • A collection of visual design and UX elements
    User focus and design best practice
    Our council website templates bake in leading edge, user focused UX and web design best practice, ensuring that all our of implementations produce a great user experience.
  • Ready-to-use templates icon
    Tailored for community needs
    Create websites tailored to your community’s needs using a wide range components, including social media feeds, image galleries and event promotion.
  • A central cog controlling multiple touchpoints
    Minimal admin
    Keep admin simple by managing all your council sites – both main corporate website and sub-sites such as library, venues etc. – under one platform.
  • Optimised website performance icon
    Simple content management
    Content can be authored, published immediately or at a nominated time, with or without an approval process, directly in the browser. Regular content review reminders are automated.
  • Two people running an ideation workshop
    Meet branding needs
    Ensure that your unique branding needs are met with our designer-led implementation process, including a number of collaborative workshops.
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    Easy website refresh
    Datacom will offer new templates and features in future, with an easy transition, for the time when your website needs a refresh.
  • A finger pointing at a screen showing analytics
    Optimised website performance
    Google Analytics provides reports on visitor usage and behaviour, so you can tailor your content and website structure to best serve your customers’ needs.
  • A laptop with a cloud icon
    Cloud-based content management
    There is no software to install and you can author content from anywhere. You do not need to spend time on licences, infrastructure and upgrades. Simply manage your content and we will do the rest.

How do we build our own website?

  1. Select your design: choose from our library of website templates and features or create a contemporary design.
  2. Manage your content and forms: create and edit content once, then publish to multiple channels. There are no limits on the amount of content you can store in your sites.
  3. Monitor and refine your website: optimise your website based on customer usage and behaviour.
  4. Maintain mailing lists and send bulk emails to your users using the built-in email newsletter functionality.

Our no code technology allows for fast and easy implementations. We provide a guaranteed pathway to go-live within known timeframes, without struggle along the way.

Our template sites are not a one-off implementation - they are a living thing, as Datacom continuously provide improvements and new features. You do not pay any extra, you do not have to deploy them, you do not need an upgrade project - we take care of it. You just choose, as content authors, what features you want to take advantage of.

Datacom creates solutions dedicated to local government, allowing us to target our product development precisely towards councils’ unique needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the build your own website package include?

The content is stored in the cloud, and our flat monthly fee provides a total-care service, covering all aspects of operating and improving your website: 

  1. Capacity and scalability, with no limits or volume based charges
  2. High performance (sub-second response times)
  3. Availability of 99.9%, with 24x7x365 monitoring
  4. Backup services and ransomware protection
  5. Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  6. Security, including: advanced firewall protection, DDOS protection, regular independent penetration testing, vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, SSL certificate renewals
  7. Ongoing maintenance releases and product upgrades


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