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Field work

Spend more time in the field, less time in the office.

Gather data on the go and boost efficiency.

Save time and resources, improve productivity and increase revenue with a simple process that integrates with back-end council systems. With an office in the pocket, field workers can spend more time in the fields, and less time in the office typing and quality proofing data.

Datascape Mobile Capture is an end-to-end digital solution for councils carrying out field work, such as inspections, assessments and audits. Keeping accessibility requirements in mind, and with a user-friendly interface, Datascape Mobile Capture is easy to use whilst providing a way to to look up and capture complex data from anywhere, including disconnected areas.

Councils can use Datascape Mobile Capture to record photos, audio, GPS location, signatures, and drawings. Map-based annotations use the geographic information system (GIS) information while off-site. Bluetooth printing is also available to issue forms, notices and warnings to customers. All data captured is synced to a secure cloud solution, where workflow processes, emails or PDFs can be generated to further reduce manual effort.

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Increased productivity
Easy access
Real-time information
End-to-end solution
Built for the cloud
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Increased productivity

Spend more time in the field, less time in the office. Everything can be done from the app on the phone, on the go.

Increased productivity
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Increased productivity

Spend more time in the field, less time in the office. Everything can be done from the app on the phone, on the go.

Easy access

Easy access

All tasks and documentation is captured in one place that all off-site staff can access anywhere.


Real-time information

Real-time information

Information recorded in the app is instantly available to staff with access.

End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution

Integrates with back-end systems - ensuring a simple, seamless process.

Built for the cloud

Built for the cloud

Gain access from anywhere with an internet connection. Works disconnected – will work in remote areas, and can be synchronised when needed.

Product features

  • On-the-go schedule icon
    On-the-go schedule
    Off-site staff can view their schedule in real-time, which means fewer trips to the office and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Real-time updates and data lookup icon
    Real-time updates and data lookup
    Send off-site staff the latest information directly to their devices. Staff can see information in real-time from internal systems and government agencies, such as previous incidents and hazards.
  • Print without an internet connection icon
    Print without an internet connection
    Issue infringements, enforcements, warnings and reports without an internet connection and keep an electronic copy for auditing purposes.
  • Digital smart forms icon
    Digital smart forms
    Specifically designed for your staff, Datascape Mobile Capture lets you complete inspections, assessments and audits on any iOS, Android, or Windows tablet or phone.
  • Collect data online or offline icon
    Collect data online or offline
    Collect information and record photos, audio, GPS location, signatures and drawings with smart forms – even without an internet connection.
  • Automated workflows icon
    Automated workflows
    Assign tasks to staff, generate documents and deliver communications to the right people without manual effort, reducing the room for human error.
  • Synchronise back-end systems icon
    Synchronise back-end systems
    Datascape Mobile Capture removes manual data entry and keeps your business and GIS systems up to date with information collected during inspections, assessments and audits.

An end-to-end solution that has you covered.

Datascape Mobile Capture integrates with back-end systems, ensuring a simple, seamless process.

Complete jobs such as:

  • Compliance and applications monitoring
  • Animal control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Essential safety measures
  • Planning application monitoring
  • Dispute resolution
  • Environmental health
  • Alcohol licence inspections
  • Food control plan audits
  • Food premises grading
  • Hairdressing premises assessments
  • Health protection licence inspections
  • Incident and hazard reporting
  • Building inspections
  • Swimming pool fencing inspections
  • Public space inspections
  • Contract management
Screen mock up of the Datascape mobile capture application


Frequently asked questions

Can you print in the field?

Yes, we support certain bluetooth printers in the field, with no connection. However we recommend generating and emailing report PDFs.

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