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Strategy, risk & governance

Unlocking the strategic value in your business.

Unlocking the strategic value in your business.

Datacom brings a disruptive approach to our strategic consulting services. We help organisations navigate and pivot in a fast-paced digital world. Working across people, processes, and technology, Datacom identifies opportunities, risks, and strategic plans to drive your business forward.

We apply lean and agile principles to everything we do. This cuts through long strategy phases to create actionable direction. For organisations that want to unlock value and explore new possibilities, we offer advisory services that enable strategic alignment and execution support through your entire journey.

Our team of consultants has significant credentials and experience to help with:

  • Customer and employee experience and insights
  • Internal change management and governance
  • Digital transformative strategic plan development.

Datacom’s advisory capability, combined with our strength in technology delivery, provides you with end-to-end accountability and speed from strategy through to delivery.

The real battleground is customer experience. We see a lot of great vision in organisations, but they often struggle a lot on execution. It’s trying to break it down into small chunks so that they can find a meaningful way forward.

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Ben Dakers
Associate director, digital customer channels

Speed to value

With industry experience across many sectors, we're able to identify and focus on key areas that will deliver value. We'll deliver an actionable roadmap across people, processes, and technology.

Strategic alignment

We make strategic and actionable plans that align with your platforms and implementation plans. We ensure a harmonious relationship between your digital infrastructure and your ability to leverage it.

Team integration

Engage your stakeholders throughout the whole journey. We can run large cross-team workshops, one-on-ones, or virtual collaborations.

Reduce cost

A well-defined optimisation process reduces the costs associated with variation. Streamline high-value activities to reduce lag.

Our expertise includes

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Lean process optimisation

Enhance your lean business processes with Datacom.

People and culture change

Empower your people and create culture change through new ways of working.

Business transformation

Business transformation unlocks the strategic value of your people, processes, and technology.