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Ideation workshops

Datacom's ideation workshops identify where opportunities exist.

Datacom's ideation workshops develop game-changing ideas.

Datacom's ideation workshops help organisations find new ways of working and creating, effectively transforming customer experiences.

We know that our clients are the experts about their business, and we're their innovation coach. We provide the framework and support to deliver on their objectives. This is the foundation of our ThinkSmash workshop and value hacking methodology.

We believe creative agility is critical for innovation and digital transformation. That’s what our value hacking methodology is all about.

Husain Al-Badry
General manager, Datacom Foundry

Curious, diverse teams

Diverse thinking and experiences lead to new ways to take advantage of opportunities and optimise strengths.

Experimental environment

A big part of becoming smarter, faster and more customer-focused is giving people permission to explore, try and test, so it’s clear what makes a difference and what doesn’t work.

Culture of doing

This is much more than a workshop. We have deep domain expertise in technology delivery - so we get real results.

Global expertise, delivered here

We're invested in where you are. Consultants with global experience and locally developed talent mean we have you and your sector covered.

Our expertise includes