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Enterprise architecture

Adapt to change with Datacom's enterprise architecture.

Adapt to change with Datacom's enterprise architecture.

Datacom's enterprise architecture helps you adapt to changing environments. Your business will perform better with less cost and more agility and stability.

We'll help you understand how to change your enterprise artefacts to suit your framework. These artefacts include systems, processes, flows, behaviours, technologies, viewpoints, and more. We'll work with you to achieve a set of guiding principles including APIs, cloud, and buy versus build. We'll work with you to bring your legacy systems into the new framework.

Benchmark your current environment against a world-class standard. See how to move closer to it, demonstrating value at each stage of the process. 

Enterprise architecture helps your business set up for long-term technology evolution and business alignment. As technology grows, your business will be ready to tackle the changes early. 

Datacom will ensure you're set up with governance processes to ensure your enterprise architecture becomes an ongoing part of your business from now into the future.

We chose Datacom because our previous work together had given us confidence in their capabilities. Datacom’s expertise and professionalism throughout our Azure cloud migration was outstanding.

David Ross
CEO, Kotahi

Drive business adaptability

Achieve a closer partnership between business and IT groups, and have improved agility of new IT systems.

Support BI initiatives

Reduce the complexity of your IT systems and have a clear understanding of system roles and architecture.

Team synergy

Your team will experience better morale and they'll have improved focus on your organisation's goals.

Accelerated growth

By opening up the business to new business models and partner ecosystems, product and revenue growth can be accelerated meaningfully.

Our expertise includes

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Agile management consulting for sustainable people, process, and culture change.

Technology consulting

Datacom's technology consulting introduces innovation to set your business up for success.

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