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Cloud management

We operate and manage the world's leading cloud platforms.

Modernise on any cloud with Datacom's cloud services.

Datacom operates and manages the world’s leading cloud platforms so you can stay ahead of the curve. Benefit from the scale, security, and expert skill sets available via Datacom’s managed platform. It's designed to deliver tangible business outcomes, unlocking true cloud value.

Your organisation needs:

  • The confidence of knowing you have access to unparalleled security intelligence
  • Reduced risk to your business
  • Fast response to changing business demands
  • Agility to maintain your workloads through ever-changing cloud landscapes
  • Cost optimisation through ongoing proactive improvements
  • High availability for your business critical workloads.

We deliver the tools, skills, and systems to support you in managing your cloud with highly automated and scalable managed solutions for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and cloud-native environments.

To unlock future value we offer a range of end-to-end cloud managed services, including:

  • Modernised and automated cloud operation
  • Cloud-native services (K8s, Containers)
  • Cybersecurity and compliance
  • Advanced monitoring and analytics
  • Cost management and optimisation
  • OS (operating system) level management (patching, AV.).

We utilise the full power of managing IaaS platforms up to pass and high-level cloud-native applications, analytics, containers, and Kubernetes. Gain the freedom of choice to design your cloud future with our customised services aligned to your cloud objectives.

Trust Datacom as your navigator of choice to operate and manage and your cloud environment.

The most crucial ingredient in this successful delivery — and perhaps the element that I’m most satisfied with — was that Datacom believed in why and what we were trying to deliver to our customers.

Fei Bian Goh
Product director, Stuff


Access expert resources, available 24/7, 365 days a year, for less than the cost of a dedicated team.

Speed to market

Access skills to leverage the full functionality from day one. You'll have the ability to manage third-party providers of hosted services and independent software vendors.


Consistency across your digital ecosystem ensures you're always aligned to cloud principles. This is possible thanks to our 1,000-plus cross-agile developers who ensure you can scale anywhere.

Tangible value

With a consistent, governed, and endorsed managed cloud environment we ensure you unlock true cloud value.

Our expertise includes

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Cloud consulting

Get the right cloud strategy and realise the true value of cloud technologies. 

Cloud platform services

Update your organisation’s digital behaviour to meet the promise of tomorrow.


Develop your cloud strategy and achieve success by excelling on the right cloud.