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Cloud storage

Datacom's cloud storage services: scalable data solutions at your fingertips.

Datacom's cloud storage services: scalable data solutions at your fingertips.

Don’t let big data become a big problem. Datacom's scalable cloud storage solutions ensure your data is secure but accessible. We can help ensure you're getting the most out of your data with our innovative range of storage products.

From high-performance flash storage to low-cost archive storage, we can help you store your data on the right platform. We understand the relationship between cost and performance, and you can be sure that you're spending money where the most value is.

We work with our partners to offer innovative storage solutions. We also consult on the tools you need to gain insights into how you can store and use your data.

We know that unbridled data growth is likely the top challenge businesses face. We can help you manage, optimise, and plan for that growth. We'll ensure you can take hold of your data and extract all the value from it — that’s what we do best.

From high-performance flash storage for your high-value workloads to low-cost archive storage and everything in between, we have storage solutions that will meet your growing needs.

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Ross Delaney
Associate director, cloud

Range of storage options

Whether it’s ultra-high availability or more of an archiving situation, we have storage solutions that meet your needs.

Enterprise-grade SLAs (service-level agreements)

Our enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions allow you to be sure you're getting the performance you need at a cost that counts.

Fully automated

Lifecycle management and automated patching keep your data safe and secure from threats.

Locally connected

Our platforms are available in our Datacom data centres. They provide low-cost connectivity to capacity on an as-a-service basis. Let us take the pain away from that next SAN (storage area network) refresh.

Cost competitive

Although we operate industry-leading Dell Technologies enterprise-grade platforms, through our Titanium partnership with Dell, we can deliver incredibly competitive pricing.

Our expertise includes

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