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Datacom Beacon

Datacom Beacon is Datacom’s community of cloud management services, giving you the choice and expertise you need to unlock the true value of the cloud.

Develop, deploy, and deliver your cloudscape.

Bridge the gap between business objectives and the technical minutia of cloud management with Datacom Beacon — our cloud management services product.

Achieving the competitive advantages of cloud infrastructure is rarely as straightforward as it seems. The solutions partner who solves your problems today might not be ready to answer those of tomorrow. By combining comprehensive cloud expertise with a rigorous security-first approach, Datacom Beacon empowers your business to quickly optimise your tech stack and achieve the cloud’s full value.

Transform the promise of the cloud into practical business value with custom monitoring, comprehensive change management, management of syndicated services, back up and security, and operational support services.

With this diverse range of customised management services, Datacom Beacon enables your business to thrive on your cloud journey. Effectively integrate and manage a range of cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more. Manage any type of cloud workload, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and cloud-native applications.

Is your cloud business built for today or tomorrow?

Take our quick five-minute quiz now to see how your current cloud set-up stacks up and determine whether your business is ready for what’s next.

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Datacom Beacon allows our customers the freedom to choose their cloud management solutions, whilst gaining the assurance they are designed and built with security, compliance, cost clarity, and a future state mindset at the forefront.

Xavier Willoughby
Product and Portfolio Manager, Tech Cloud Operations

Cloud expertise

Our team of cloud experts will provide strategic guidance on how to support, uplift, or transform your business-critical workloads.

Streamlined cost management

Gain increased visibility and insights into your cloud usage and improve the governance of your costs.


With our range of cloud transformation and cloud management services, you can quickly add, remove, and scale services to suit business requirements at your own pace.

Reach industry standards

Make use of industry-standard and security-compliant design and build patterns across multiple application environments or landscapes.

Future cloud-ready

With a community of services on hand, you’ll be able to successfully leverage the full potential of the cloud to support both your existing and next-generation cloud applications.

Our expertise includes

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