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Desktop as a service

Connect to your desktop anywhere, from any device with Datacom's desktop as a service.

Connect to your desktop anywhere, from any device with Datacom's desktop as a service.

Datacom's desktop as a service (DaaS) provides a high-quality virtual desktop infrastructure via VMware Horizon. We offer the choice of virtual desktops, application packaging, security, and transition services. Along with the intelligent digital workspace platform Workspace One, this enables you to work from anywhere on any device.

Underpinning desktop as a service is our service management and on-site support. DaaS lets you adapt and change as and when you need to. You'll also enjoy service provider capabilities, where even a single-hosted desktop can connect to an on-premise and off-premise environment. This allows hybrid applications alongside hybrid desktops in a hybrid cloud environment that's scalable, customisable, and cost-efficient.

Select the services you need today and evolve and grow with other service options tomorrow.

Aside from just managing our IT environment, Datacom have contributed valuable time and strategic advice about how the Ministry can transform the way IT services are provided.

Neil Hurley
Director, Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand Government

Flexibility and accessibility

With rapid provisioning, inherent scalability, and affordable Opex model, DaaS suits organisations needing to expand quickly by bringing hosted desktops online.


Staff benefit from a common desktop build, the same versions of applications, regular refreshes, and a uniform environment with optimum user experience.

Increased security

Data is no longer vulnerable on a local device, but held and regularly backed up in a secure hosted environment within our data centre infrastructure.

Reduced expenditure costs

With Datacom’s subscription model, DaaS puts an end to the cycle of investment in desktop hardware, servers, and licensing.

Cost-effective pricing

Fixed monthly pay-as-you-go pricing gives you cost certainty and simplifies budget planning and forecasting with a positive impact on cash flow.

Environmental sustainability

A reduced need for new equipment, lower energy requirements, extended PC life, and flexible working can all help shrink a carbon footprint and address environmental targets.

Increased productivity

Boosted productivity can be attributed to improved uptime levels, better performance, more collaboration opportunities, and the ability to work from anywhere.

Our expertise includes

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