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Government cloud

Datacom's government cloud supports agencies on their digital service journey.

Datacom's government cloud supports agencies on their digital service journey.

Datacom's government cloud provides IT infrastructure services to support government departments. As they strive to improve lives through modernising and transforming public service, we help by putting in place digital and data-driven technologies.

Datacom provides a safe, highly secure, geographically spread infrastructure and set of cloud services to help, process, store, retrieve, and manage important data. This frees up government departments from the day-to-day overhead of running IT operations and reduces costs and capital expenditure. At the same time, it delivers scalable, flexible, and agile services.

We've become a trusted partner as a local full-service IT provider with world-class cloud solutions backed by deep, local expertise.

Datacom has a proven track record of delivering IT solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes across the South Pacific region.

Our teams of highly skilled cloud engineers provide the scalable compute, storage, and network resources you need to keep your environments up and running. You'll be backed with specialised local expertise and 24/7, 365 days a year support. We understand the critical nature of your infrastructure environments and work to ensure it's always available.

We want New Zealanders to feel protected, for exports to flow freely into overseas markets, and to efficiently process imports arriving into our country. Datacom has helped us to do this better than ever.

Mathew Black
CIO, New Zealand Customs Service

Change in focus

Government departments become free to focus their resources on building innovation in applications and solutions.

Local data storage

Datacom’s data centres ensure government data is secure against natural disasters, global crises, intrusion, and technical disruption. All data is held locally and our people have world-class capability.

Easy to scale

We can scale up and down quickly in response to the changing needs of government. This provides added flexibility and greater agility to respond to changing opportunities and requirements.

Performance and reliability

We design and build with best-of-breed compute, storage, and networking technologies ensuring the highest levels of availability. Continuous lifecycle updating ensures stability and dependability.

Security DNA

Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated networks, compute and storage layers to ensure you enjoy the strictest level of data security.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to use the IaaS services for New Zealand Government?

Any agency that's part of the New Zealand public sector can use these services. To check, visit the New Zealand Government procurement website.

How do I adopt the service?

Follow the process outlined by the New Zealand Government. Visit the New Zealand Government site to find out more.

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