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Extended logistics

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with our extended logistics supply chain.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency with Datacom's extended logistics supply chain.

The Datacom extended logistics supply chain, in conjunction with our suppliers, can help improve costs and efficiencies across your business. It can:

  • Reduce administration
  • Help with setting up devices
  • Improve stock movement
  • Improve  the value of your IT spend.

Whether your business needs to scale up for a project or you need to reduce your internal supply chain needs and investment, Datacom’s supply chain can adapt to your business. Together with our logistics specialists, we can manage your non-core business function. 

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The Datacom extended logistics supply chain, in conjunction with our suppliers, can reduce administration, assist in device set-up, improve stock movement, and improve the value of your IT spend.

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The world in which we live is facing levels of disruption not seen for generations. This places huge pressure on the supply chain. Prepare your business in a better, more effective way and build resilience into your planning.

Dave Ffowcs-Williams
Head of supply chain


Extended logistics provides a lower total cost of ownership by reducing overheads, including facility costs,  shipping, and logistics costs .


With locations in all major centres and regions across Australia and New Zealand, you can lower your delivery lead times by leveraging our international presence and scale.

Reduce onsite build requirements 

We can deliver ready-to-go devices directly to new employees. You won't need to spend time building out IT equipment on-premise. Your new employees can get working from day one.

Tailored solutions to meet your capacity needs 

Datacom's logistics capability is an extension of your IT team. We can create a solution that meets your needs, whether that's for an ongoing project or for your everyday work.

Our expertise includes

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