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Software engineer coding database configurations

Database management

Design, build, and manage all major database products from one provider.

Get support to design, build, and manage all major database products from one provider.

With thousands of different database configuration settings and increasingly complicated resiliency and recoverability options, the need for database management from an experienced administrator is crucial. Database management ensures the increasing amount of data your organisation is collecting stays compliant and can optimally perform to ensure you benefit from the information you gather.

At Datacom, we have the skills and expertise to design, build, and manage your entire database environment. Our core capabilities in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are complemented by significant capabilities working with IBM's DB2 and Informix, as well as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Our practice is based on the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) framework and our own database management best practices. We have more than 80 professional database specialists across New Zealand, and we provide services to more than 50 customers spanning multiple business sectors.

Uncover cost savings and insight with Microsoft SQL

Expert Microsoft SQL database specialists and services for:

  • Licensing
  • Security
  • Cloud migration, including Azure
  • Management, including data assurance and backup.
Microsoft SQL Server GIF

Underpinning great Australian and New Zealand organisations are SQL databases. We’re here to help these organisations with managing, licensing, and cloud transformation.

Dustin Botha
Business Manager, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Databases Australia and New Zealand


Have a central place to store all data so there is no duplicated information or processes.

Save time and money

By using a database management system, IT departments can automate processes that would take a long time to do manually.

Support for digital transformation

Our solutions weave automation, analytics, and even artificial intelligence into your business.

Our expertise includes

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