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Datascape Mobile Capture

Gather data on the go and boost efficiency with Datascape Mobile Capture.

Gather data on the go and boost efficiency.

If your organisation wants to improve productivity, save time and resources, gain an edge over competitors, or delight customers, Datascape Mobile Capture is the solution for you.

Datascape Mobile Capture is an end-to-end digital solution for councils carrying out off-site jobs, such as inspections, assessments, and audits. It's a mobile app that operates easily without an internet connection. You'll get real-time information and have the ability to look up data from anywhere.

Council staff can use Datascape Mobile Capture to record photos, audio, GPS location, signatures, and drawings. Map-based annotations utilise your geographic information system (GIS) information while off-site. Bluetooth printing is also available to issue forms, notices, and warnings to customers. All data captured is synced to a secure cloud solution, where workflow processes, emails, or PDFs can be generated to further reduce manual effort.

Datascape Mobile Capture integrates with back-end systems, ensuring a simple, seamless process.

Complete jobs, such as:

  • Compliance and applications monitoring
  • Animal control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Essential safety measures
  • Planning application monitoring
  • Dispute resolution
  • Environmental health
  • Alcohol licence inspections
  • Food control plan audits
  • Food premises grading
  • Hairdressing premises assessments
  • Health protection licence inspections
  • Incident and hazard reporting
  • Building inspections
  • Swimming pool fencing inspections
  • Public space inspections
  • Contract management.

The efficiency of any worker is increased significantly if they are connected. It reduces the time and mistakes caused when there is duplication of entry, and is much more timely.

Mark Matijevic
Director local government solutions, Datacom

Easy access

All tasks and documentation are captured in one place that all off-site staff can access anywhere.

Increased productivity

Off-site staff won't need to make multiple visits to the office to drop off information and pick up the next task. Everything can be done from the app on their phone, on the go.

Real-time information

There's no need to wait for staff to deliver information. As soon as information is recorded in the app, it's instantly available to staff who are allowed access.

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