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Capability development

Empower your developers with automation testing, DevOps, and agile training.

Let us help your development teams be the best through automation testing, DevOps, and agile training.

High-performing development teams are always busy. We know it's difficult to implement new technology and productivity tools whilst in-flight. Our team can help by bringing the expertise, technology, and frameworks to the table. 

Whether it’s agile training and certification, DevOps, test automation, containerisation, or infrastructure automation, we've got you covered.

We made the right decision to go with Datacom. Expectation from team and Silver Fern Farms was that the work would slow down during lockdown. The velocity went up, [which] shows our team is agile and adaptable in different environments.

Matt Tulloch
IT programme manager, Silver Fern Farms

Ensure success

We're here to transform your team's productivity and expertise.

Blended teams 

We believe in collaboration; our team is here to make your team even better.

Cultural alignment

We're known for our open, warm, and pragmatic approach. We hand-pick people that will be just right for your organisation and your values.

Force multiplier

Together with our subject matter experts, we'll amplify your collective abilities, and extend your team's capability.

Our expertise includes

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Agile squads

Accelerate your agile software development delivery with Squad in a Box.

Application management

Maintaining and enhancing your existing applications through reliable application management.


The foundation of digital transformation.

Software projects

Datacom's agile software development and application development set your business up for success.