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Datacom and VMware by Broadcom: Continuing your pathway to the cloud.

Datacom’s invitation into the 100 Global Pinnacle Cloud Service Provider family, one of only two in New Zealand and one of six across Australia, demonstrates that we have global leadership and expertise from software development to infrastructure management as one of VMware’s leading partners. We provide a suite of solutions and services, all secure by design, to deliver an end-to-end approach to managing a customer's VMware environment across private cloud, hyper-scale public clouds, and on-premises facilities. 

The Broadcom acquisition of VMware and the simplification of its software packaging places additional emphasis on infrastructure optimisation that enables organisations to tackle security challenges, regulatory requirements, and risk and technical advancements.

While there has been change to the VMware product portfolio, Datacom’s primary goal remains unchanged: to continue providing our customers with exceptional products and services while maintaining transparent and fair pricing practices. We remain committed to working closely with our customers to ensure they can maximise the benefit of their cloud infrastructure.

So whether you are operating your IT infrastructure on premises or in a mix of data centres and cloud, Datacom can help your realise benefits quickly. Leveraging over 50 years of experience, our highly skilled team provide valuable innovation and ideas from across industry, proven methodologies and access to the right technologies to customise digital transformation to meet your needs.

Our VMware-certified experts deliver best-in-class cloud solutions regardless of where you are on your digital journey.

Demystifying Broadcom’s VMware licensing with Datacom

Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware signals a pivotal shift in the cloud and virtualisation landscape. This strategic move will redefine how businesses engage with and benefit from VMware's products and services. Understanding these changes and their implications for your operations is paramount.

We will work with you to develop a robust transition roadmap to shift from perpetual licenses to VMware’s new subscription-based licensing model.

Our team of experts can help you mitigate cost increases, accurately forecast future software expenditure, and ensure proper licensing to avoid penalties and meet your specific needs.

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Comprehensive license review

  • Review all existing VMware licenses
  • Report the implications of the shift from perpetual to subscription models
  • Identify any gaps or overlaps in licensing that need addressing

Quantitative impact assessment

  • A detailed report is generated quantifying the potential cost implications of the new licensing model on your organisation.

Transition roadmap development

  • Plan the transition from perpetual licenses to subscription-based licenses
  • Consider factors such as contract expiry dates, budget cycles, and operational requirements.

Right-size hardware and optimise licensing costs

  • Following the quantitative impact assessment, one of our solution engineers will discuss potential strategies to mitigate cost increases.

Global 100 Pinnacle Cloud Service Provider

Invited as one of only a handful of VMware 100 Global Pinnacle Cloud Service Providers,  Datacom is uniquely positioned geographically to provide best-in-class support and advice on VMware’s solutions. 

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Datacom and VMware by Broadcom: Accelerating your transformation to the cloud

Frequently asked questions

How will the VMware by Broadcom acquisition impact businesses?

Businesses will experience significant changes in VMware’s product offerings and pricing models, including:

  • CPU Core-Based Pricing: Licences will now be billed per CPU core instead of per gig of VRAM, per month, potentially resulting in substantial price increases without a strategic approach.
  • Transition to Subscription-Based Licences: Perpetual customers must migrate to new subscription-based licences to continue accessing support and patching.

What are the key benefits of VMware by Broadcom?

Broadcom’s strategic shift focuses on streamlining offerings, emphasising security, reliability, and innovation. This includes transitioning to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) as the primary product bundle, shifting to subscription-based licences, and adopting CPU core-based pricing.

How can Datacom support in our organisations shift to VMware's new subscription-based licensing model?

Our team of experts can help you mitigate cost increases, accurately forecast future software expenditure, and ensure proper licensing to avoid penalties and meet your specific needs.

We will work with you to develop a robust transition roadmap to shift from perpetual licenses to VMware’s new subscription-based licensing model.

What is VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)?

The VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a comprehensive software suite designed to provide a unified Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) platform. It integrates vSphere for computing, vSAN for storage, NSX for networking, and components of the Aria suite for operations management. 

VCF aims to simplify the deployment and management of cloud environments, enhancing scalability, security, and performance.

Adopting the full VCF stack is essential to fully reap the benefits and take advantage of optimised pricing.

What is vSphere Foundation (VSF)?

vSphere Foundation (VSF) is a simplified enterprise-grade workload platform for mid-sized to smaller customers. This solution integrates vSphere with intelligent operations management to provide performance, availability, and efficiency with greater visibility and insights.

What is the new pricing model for VMware by Broadcom?

The new pricing model shifts from a vRAM-based billing to a physical core-based model. This model requires a minimum commitment of 16 physical cores per socket, altering how businesses are billed for VMware services. 

The new pricing model aims to provide a more straightforward and predictable cost structure.

What is the impact for organisations that remain on perpetual licences?

Organisations that remain on a perpetual licence rather than transition to the new VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) subscription-based licences may experience a loss of vital support and patching upon the expiration of the maintenance contract (SNS) on perpetual licences. Without these updates, the organisation's infrastructure may be exposed to increased security risks, compatibility issues, and missed opportunities for leveraging the latest features and efficiencies offered by the VCF suite.

What does Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware mean for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)?

Many OEM partnerships were terminated when Broadcom acquired VMware leading to the immediate discontinuation of OEM licensing options. Businesses who have acquired VMware software via OEMs bundled with hardware may encounter challenges due to the discontinued licensing options. 

Contact one of our specialists to understand how this change impacts your business. 

Will there be any changes to VxRail?

VxRail by Dell Technologies remains fully available, offering VMware pricing consistency and support for Dell customers.

How will MSPs that were previously included in the VMware Cloud Services Partner Program be impacted?

The ability to transact as a VMware Cloud Services Provider under the VMware Partner Connect Program ceased on the 30th April 2024.

Can Datacom be contacted directly to discuss our organisation's transition to VMware's new subscription-based licensing model?

Yes, of course. Please contact your account manager to discuss your options to find the best solution for your organisation, or click the contact us button on this page.