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Transform the way you engage with your community.

Engage, connect and involve your communities.

Datascape is a cloud-based solution designed to create new ways for councils to work and better engage with their communities. With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at its heart, Datascape encompasses core council services and two-way community engagement on a digital platform. Built for the cloud from the ground up, Datascape uses the latest technology, allowing connectivity with other software, services and connected hardware, whilst being available for use on any device with an internet connection.

It acts as a single source of truth for all data, including customer information across all services. You can collaborate on, deliver, and analyse services more efficiently within the council and with your partners, suppliers and other counterparts. 

Enabling complete data transparency for communities is a key feature in Datascape. It is designed to help councils create a digital two-way conversation with their communities. Encouraging open communication, maximising community self-service and responding faster to deliver more efficient services will result in increased customer satisfaction.

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Product features

  • Laptop with a cloud inside
    Built for the cloud
    Datascape is a web-based ERP suite you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. It is scalable, uses minimal bandwidth and integrates with many solutions and devices.
  • Two items integrating together
    Seamless integration
    Integrates with cloud services and third-party applications. This enables the move toward smart cities and communities.
  • A magnifying glass with a stopwatch
    Real-time decision making
    Connect to real-time sensor feeds to support informed planning and decisions. Get insights into environmental information such as water quality, traffic, water flow, air quality, temperature etc.
  • An AI brain with a data chip
    Supports virtual assistants
    Incorporates the latest frameworks to support virtual assistants, artificial intelligence and machine learning to answer customer queries, suggest solutions and automate tasks.
  • A workflow diagram with a singular arrow
    Out-of-the-box workflows
    Pre-configured workflows and templates help speed up implementation and provide you with a faster return on investment.

An integral piece to your digital transformation programme

A self-service portal gives your community round-the- clock access to key council services, such as payments, registrations, applications, fault reporting and more.

Virtual Assistant capabilities will help guide customers to commonly requested information and answers quickly, freeing up staff to work smarter and faster on other key work items, turning a long task into a quick and streamlined process. Get support for a range of core council activities including financial services, property, regulatory, community, customer relationship management and HR and payroll.

If you buy Datascape all of the Datascape products are included. We also offer to to buy all Datascape products individually. Datascape will prove to be the integral piece to your digital transformation programme, facilitating efficiency to your operations, bringing back a focus to the customer and offering all the flexibility you need to adapt to changing demands and environments.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Datascape?

Datascape is a integrated community portal and mobile app, offering premium self-service which takes loads off council staff and improves community engagement and satisfaction with services councils offer.

Built in Australasia solely for Australasian councils, backed by a leading local tech company with a 50+ year pedigree and long term commitment to local communities, who can offer unmatched depth and breadth of services to the services councils provide.

Does Datascape have a license?

Datascape holds a SaaS license, which is 100% cloud based.

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