Datacom Group Leadership Team

  • Greg Davidson photo
    Greg Davidson
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Rachel Walsh
    Rachel Walsh
    Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Quentin Lowcay photo
    Quentin Lowcay
    Head of Legal and Commercial
  • Siobhan Gallacher photo
    Siobhan Gallacher
    Group Director, People
  • Photo of Karl Wright
    Karl Wright
    Group Chief Information Officer
  • Stacey Tomasoni photo
    Stacey Tomasoni
    Managing Director, Connect
  • Justin Gray photo
    Justin Gray
    Managing Director, Technology Services, New Zealand
  • Alexandra Coates photo
    Alexandra Coates
    Managing Director, Technology Services, Australia
  • Bob Peebles photo
    Bob Peebles
    Head of Strategy, Australia
  • Mike Porteous photo
    Mike Porteous
    Head of Corporate Strategy
  • Alexandra Mercer photo
    Alexandra Mercer
    Head of Group Marketing and Communications
  • Photo of Peter Nelson
    Peter Nelson
    Managing Director, SaaS Products

Board of Directors

  • Photo of Tony Carter
    Tony Carter
  • Datacom favicon
    Simon Holdsworth
    Deputy Chair
  • Datacom's Julie Fahey
    Julie Fahey
    Chair of Risk and Contracts Committee
  • Datacom's Chris Day
    Chris Day
    Chair of Audit Committee
  • Datacom favicon
    Hishaam Mirza
  • Datacom favicon
    Robin Keall
  • Datacom favicon
    Merrill Holdsworth
  • Datacom favicon
    Kathleen Bailey-Lord