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State government

Committed to meeting the changing demands of government, Datacom supports state governments across Australia through their digital transformation journeys.

Helping governments transform their organisations.

Our experience working with state governments spans across multiple states including South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia.

From developing water data systems to enabling network connectivity so Australians can communicate in emergencies, our pedigree dates back over a decade of working closely with public sector agencies.

How we support local governments

Our solutions, platforms, and applications transform the way state governments engage with communities.

  • Datascape icon
    Datascape Enterprise
    Datascape Enterprise is a cloud-based solution with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at its core. It's designed to create ways for councils to work and engage with communities. Learn more
  • Antenno icon
    Antenno is a mobile app that helps councils and other public sector authorities engage and involve communities. You can send targeted notifications based on the places and topics people care about. Learn more

Our customers

Our work leads us straight to the heart of local government — the community. We've helped to improve communications, processes, safety, and even the environment.

  • Agriculture icon
    From utilising the cloud to help manage Australian soil, to developing data systems to test water flow in real time, we have on-the-ground experience for developing environmental solutions. Learn more
  • Financial services icon
    Financial services
    Financial services that adopt business and digital transformation see increased value in better customer experience. Learn more
  • Education icon
    From introducing new technologies to enabling remote learning, we work with multiple schools across Australia to provide an innovative classroom experience. Learn more

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Federal government

With more than a decade's worth of on-the-ground experience connecting citizens and businesses, we are a trusted partner to the Australian Federal government.