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Elevate council and community engagement.

Enable end-to-end visibility by connecting people, processes, and knowledge.

Maintaining active community involvement and keeping members engaged with their local council can pose a real challenge. Disconnected data can prevent streamlined service delivery, while outdated legacy systems hinder successful two-way communication.

Datascape CRM is designed specifically to empower local governments in Australia and New Zealand by connecting people, processes and knowledge across their communities and staff. Get a 360-degree view of your community, ensure the right teams are notified for quick issue resolution, automate staff processes and engage customers on any device or channel across all areas of the council.

With Datascape CRM, you have access to a complete suite of intuitive digital tools to engage your community while streamlining service delivery, providing a more personalised experience and having greater visibility across all community-council interactions.

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Meet evolving community expectations
Two-way engagement
Streamline operations
Seamless integration
Scalable and secure
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Meet evolving community expectations

Offer community members a single, secure, and personalised view of council services, enabling them to engage at their convenience using Datascape's self-service portal.

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Meet evolving community expectations
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Meet evolving community expectations

Offer community members a single, secure, and personalised view of council services, enabling them to engage at their convenience using Datascape's self-service portal.

Two-way engagement

Two-way engagement

Deliver timely and relevant alerts and information, and empower the community to report issues, make suggestions and engage with​ their council at their convenience, encouraging a more open and productive experience.

Streamline operations

Streamline operations

Simplify field operations, inspections, and assessments with an intuitive interface, real-time information and seamless integration with backend systems that captures data from anywhere enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Implement Datascape into your operations from day one with support from our local government specialists. Our robust templated design enables councils to implement this powerful CRM quickly and with confidence.

Scalable and secure

Scalable and secure

Transform your digital service delivery without large investments in hardware by leveraging the cost-effective scalability of the cloud. We also help councils mitigate evolving cybersecurity risks and achieve the highest level of compliance with all relevant regulations and policies.

Product features

  • Notifications

    Keep community members more involved and engaged by notifying them of important information about council's processes and services in a timely manner.
  • Customers at a glance

    Provide world-class customer service with a 360-degree customer view, including service requests, interactions, communication preferences, and related information from other connected systems.
  • Automate your workflows

    Reduce manual tasks, eliminate human-error and increase efficiencies. Simplify escalation management and increase performance to meet and exceed service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Dashboards

    Use KanBan boards, maps, charts and graphs to monitor the current status of your team's activities, and gain limitless visibility of customer and service request data.
  • Effortless integration

    Connect to other solutions within the Datascape suite as well as third-party applications to create a customised solution that meets your requirements, saving time and money. Datascape
  • Seamless engagement

    Get information to the right people and places on time, every time. Connect people across council boundaries by engaging in-app with visibility of all customer interactions and communications. Antenno
  • Real-time data

    Make informed decisions, break down data silos, increase operations efficiencies and develop clear communications building trust and unlocking customer relationships and engagement.
  • Built for the cloud

    Access critical information on any device, anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Datascape CRM is scalable, and agile to incorporate new and exciting technologies quickly and with confidence.
  • Informed decision-making

    View valuable insights to gain a clearer understanding of customers' needs and community engagement enabling councils to make better informed decisions increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Datascape CRM enables councils to exceed community expectations

More than 60% of Australians do not feel heard or communicated to by their local council and are looking for digital channels to improve the experience.

57% of Australians would be more inclined to engage with their council digitally. Community members are 9x more likely to trust a government organisation if they are satisfied with its service.

77% of Australians would welcome an app to communicate with their local council.

76% of Australians are more likely to engage with government portals if the information is personalised.

(Source: Datacom research 2023)

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Frequently asked questions

How can Datascape CRM help our council improve community engagement?

Datascape CRM is designed to elevate community engagement by providing tools to streamline communication and interaction with community members. It enables your council to manage and track community interactions, inquiries, and requests efficiently. By centralising data and insights with a single view of customer, you can better understand community needs, preferences, and sentiments, leading to more informed decision-making and tailored engagement strategies. Datascape CRM also facilitates personalised communication, enabling you to deliver targeted messages and updates to specific segments of your community.

What analytics and reporting capabilities does Datascape CRM provide?

Datascape CRM offers a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting features. It allows you to generate customised reports, visualise data trends, and analyse performance metrics across various aspects of your council's operations. You can gain insights into community engagement levels, service response times, request types, and more. These analytics help you make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the impact of your initiatives to stakeholders.

How does Datascape CRM handle scalability, increased usage, and the addition of new processes across our departments, including adapting to legislative changes and evolving community expectations?

Datascape CRM is built with scalability in mind. It can seamlessly accommodate increased usage and growing data volumes as your council's operations expand. The system's architecture allows for the addition of new processes and functionalities across departments. Datascape CRM is designed to be adaptable, ensuring that it can be easily configured to comply with legislative changes and meet community expectations. Whether it's a new service offering, a change in regulations, or evolving community needs, Datascape CRM can be adjusted to support these changes efficiently.

What kind of support and training options are available with Datascape CRM?

Datascape CRM offers a range of support and training options to ensure your council's success. You'll have access to knowledge articles, help articles and user guides to assist with system understanding and usage. Additionally, the Datascape team provides hands-on training sessions and ongoing customer support to address any questions or issues that may arise during implementation and beyond.

How does Datascape CRM ensure data security and compliance?

Datascape CRM prioritises data security and compliance, employing advanced encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive information. The system adheres to industry best practices and regulatory standards to ensure data protection and privacy, with regular security audits and updates to maintain a secure environment.

What features does Datascape CRM offer for managing community member requests and inquiries?

Datascape CRM offers a centralised platform to receive, track, and prioritise incoming requests. Automated workflows streamline the routing and assignment of tasks, ensuring prompt and accurate responses. Community members can also receive updates on the status of their requests, enhancing transparency and service satisfaction. The system's reporting capabilities allow you to analyse request trends and optimise service delivery.

Can Datascape CRM integrate with our existing systems and processes?

Yes, Datascape CRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with your council's existing key systems and processes. It can connect with databases, applications, and other software used by your council, facilitating data sharing and reducing duplicate efforts. This integration enhances operational efficiency and ensures a unified, single view of community interactions and information across various channels.

Does Datascape CRM support mobile access for on-the-go council staff?

Absolutely, Datascape CRM offers mobile access, allowing on-the-go council staff to access critical information, manage tasks, and respond to inquiries from anywhere using their mobile devices. Datascape's mobile fieldwork is an end-to-end digital solution that equips field workers with an 'office in the pocket', optimising their time in the field through geographic information system (GIS) integration and streamlining field activities including inspections, assessments, and audits. It also enables the capture of complex data from any location, including disconnected areas.

How quickly can our council start to benefit from Datascape CRM after implementation?

The timeline for realising benefits from Datascape CRM depends on various factors, including the complexity of your council's processes and the extent of customisation required. However, Datascape CRM is designed for ease of use and rapid adoption. With streamlined training and implementation planning, you can start experiencing improved efficiency, streamlined communication, and enhanced community engagement very shortly after implementation.

Can Datascape CRM help us track and analyse community feedback and sentiment?

Yes, Datascape CRM includes tools to track and analyse community feedback and sentiment through tracking the number of community requests, interactions with council staff, and survey capability to identify community trends. These insights enable your council to proactively address concerns, make better informed decisions, and tailor engagement strategies to enhance community satisfaction and trust.

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