Over the last year we’ve seen global shifts in the market that are creating lots of opportunity for our customers and our partners. At Datacom, this is the kind of inflection point in the use of technology that we feel well suited to helping our customers capitalise on.

Increasingly we see it as our responsibility to help our customers evolve and adapt, whether it is in response to AI technologies based on large language models that are reshaping the way we interact with computers and communicate with each other, or the need to meet the challenge of heightened cybersecurity risks, or the impact of digital globalisation on our local economies and businesses.

With every opportunity comes an element of risk and with every element of risk comes an opportunity. We need to think differently if we’re going to take advantage of these opportunities and ensure our countries aren’t lagging behind those that are investing heavily and moving quickly. We also need to manage the risks responsibly. We cannot be naive to some of these risks, including demand on renewable energy resources as AI increases the need for data centre supply or the responsible application of AI. The flipside is the productivity opportunity for any professional workforce, which will be one of the greatest changes of this decade.

When I look at what we have achieved in 2023, and at the stories being shared in the “Year in Review”, I am really pleased to see our values underpinning so much of the work.

Our story on this year’s awards captures just some of the accolades we’ve been recognised for over the past 12 months, and it is a reflection of our teams who deliver excellence and exceed the expectations of our customers and our partners.

The commitment of Datacom’s teams to “thrive together” to make an impact for their communities and their countries is evident in so many of our customer projects including bringing the new Support Crew platform to life, and also shows up in organisations that our people choose to support each year including STEPtember and Ronald McDonald House among many others.

Creating opportunities to nurture talent and build learning pathways and attracting new and diverse people to the industry has also been a key priority for us, having forged strong partnerships with a range of organisations to mentor and work beside young people – and people who are new to tech or the corporate world – to share their skills and experience and create valuable learning opportunities, for example with our First Foundation, TupuToa, MEGT interns and graduate programmes, and partnerships with organisations, such as the GO Foundation Australia.

Datacom has a hugely talented team and our customers value our skills, our experience and our decades-long track record of success. In our work with customers like CAA, TSB, UWA and Scion it is also very clear that our values are an important part of forging close partnerships that enable our organisations to achieve our collective ambitions.

Right now, Datacom is looking at how to ensure it is best positioned to help its customers and its own teams to thrive in the midst of increasingly rapid technology and market changes, and to lean into its strengths. As we make plans for the future, and look at what needs to change, we know that our values will continue to provide a solid foundation for our shared success.

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