People at an innovation sprint workshop

Innovation Sprint Series

A creative problem-solving journey, tailored to support participants to solve audacious problems, learn new skills and engage with creative ideas.

Datacom's Innovation Sprint Series facilitates the development of your team, while solving real-world challenges.

Datacom's Innovation Sprint Series is a series of live and virtual collaboration, ideation and innovation workshops designed to bring teams together from across the business to ideate, formulate and prototype solutions for current and future challenges.

Tailored to your organisational context, our team fosters a supportive environment where participants can step out of their comfort zone, explore something different, and enhance their professional skills - also leading to new projects and ideas to develop your pipeline.

15-week creative problem-solving journey



30 minute launch call

The official launch of the series, with a theme announcement, event goals and format, and a focus on acquiring participants.


Skills Builder

3x 1 hour presentations

Develop skills in preparation for the Hack Day and wider programme. The sessions are designed to educate staff on topics such as product market fit, disruptive innovation, and design thinking.


Hack Day

1-day in person workshop

Whether participants have an idea or are looking for a team to join, this day rapidly develops initial solutions into well formed ideas.


Form & Storm

Working with teams to prepare

We'll organise the top ideas from the Hack Day, balance teams, invite new members and evolve solutions.


Design Sprint

2-day in person workshop

Progress the initial ideas into validation-ready concepts and prototypes that can be tested with the relevant stakeholders.


Pitch Sprint

2-day in person workshop

Participants revisit and revise their work from the Design Sprint, and get ready to pitch their idea to a panel of judges who may progress the concepts to a funded acceleration process. We also showcase and celebrate all the teams.

Our approach

We work with you to support the development of your people's entrepreneurial skills.

Frequently asked questions

Why should your team include innovation sprints?

Organisations need to innovate to remain relevant in a constantly evolving market. It ensures a competitive edge and allows you to continue to meet changing market need. It can enhance the way in which you work – future proofing against uncertainties and driving a path towards sustained growth. 

By encouraging innovation and experimentation across your organisation, at every level, you unlock the collective creativity of your workforce, turning problems or challenges into solutions and opportunities. 

Throughout the Innovation Sprint we encourage participants to be disruptors, to challenge the status quo- because that’s where breakthroughs happen, and impactful change can occur. It prioritises adaptability and learning, where everyone feels impowered to contribute their unique perspectives. 

We come in to facilitate this change, drive engagement and explore different ways of working with your organisation – not direct it. Creating an inclusive space to explore innovation reduces the risk of a siloed approach, letting ideas flow. Ultimately, Datacom help fostering innovation practices across your organisation.

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