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Zero Trust: Insights from 200+ cybersecurity decision-makers

Find out how Australian and New Zealand organisations are approaching Zero Trust, their current level of maturity and the obstacles they face to successful adoption.

Over 80% of cybersecurity decision-makers in Australia and New Zealand see Zero Trust as the future of their firms’ security.

But less than half of their operational business and tech teams are onboard at the outset of Zero Trust implementations.

A Datacom-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting has delivered a series of valuable insights, and Datacom is sharing the findings to help support successful Zero Trust planning and implementation for local organisations and cybersecurity leaders. From March - May 2022, Forrester carried out a custom survey of 204 decision-makers responsible for cybersecurity strategy in Australian and New Zealand organisations, ranging in size from 200+ to 20,000+ employees.

Why does Zero Trust matter?

Taking a Zero Trust approach means the default position for an organisation’s IT security is that every person and device must be verified and authorised before getting access to information, devices or networks.

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy being adopted globally as best practice, and local organisations need to ensure they are not left behind. High-profile data breaches and cyber-attacks are driving growing expectations from customers, partners and authorities for cybersecurity policies and practices that deliver verified protections for data and privacy.

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Results from the Zero Trust custom survey of ANZ cybersecurity decision-makers

For the accompanying analysis, definitions and methodology behind these insights, you can download the full study below.

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Infographic 2. Rate of stakeholder groups
Infographic 3 detailing most important trait in driving ZT program
Infographic 4 detailing how companies are adopting Zero Trust

Why People and Culture are Critical to ‘Zero Trust’

Download the full Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A Custom Study Commissioned by Datacom | July 2022.

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