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Genesys makes managing call centre channels and tools straightforward. Get the results you need.

Together with Genesys, we turn customer relationships into positive experiences

Genesys' platforms make customer relationships simple. They're built for seamless omnichannel experiences, allowing you to follow conversations everywhere. Turn calls, emails, chats, and social comments into a seamless conversation.

The Genesys Cloud platform by the numbers:

  • 10,000 agents logged in at a single organisation
  • 25,000 agents configured in a single organisation
  • 60-plus countries, with thousands of customers served
  • Three billion monthly API requests handled

In a world where technology is at our fingertips, delivering great customer experiences should be easier. See how Genesys Cloud call centre software simplifies your customer and employee engagements. Watch the demo now.

Genesys Cloud

Offering a suite of cloud-based services, Genesys Cloud helps your business with the tools you need to communicate and collaborate with your customers and your employees. It draws on the latest artificial intelligence innovations to automate labour-intensive tasks, ensuring your customers get fast, accurate information at a time that suits them.

Tour the Genesys Cloud platform

See what makes the Genesys Cloud platform a leading cloud contact centre solution. Explore the Genesys Cloud interface from the perspectives of the agent, supervisor, and administrator.

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Enjoy robust capabilities and ease of integration in the cloud

Make a single cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, such as CRM and automation solutions, a top consideration in your criteria. You need a secure, cloud-based solution that offers scalability as your company adjusts to market changes. And it must ensure your contact centre dynamically engages customers across all channels. The right cloud-based platform is loaded with channel options and easily integrates with existing or future systems.

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Enhance you customer experience

  • Operational agility

    As Genesys Cloud is based on an open-technology platform, you can increase your operations as your business grows.
  • Simplify your tech

    Manage all your customer and employee engagement tools from one platform.
  • Automate and see results

    Integrate with your customer resource management (CRM) tools, automate tasks and boost sales.