We all know paying staff is critical to any business. Not getting paid on time can wreck employees’ lives and understandably cause them to lose focus on their work. We take our responsibility in helping clients with their payroll very seriously.

It’s why we have a disaster recovery plan for our systems. We test this regularly with full cutovers to our DR site, running things there for at least a week before switching back.

Clients don’t just depend on our systems though, they depend on our people. We’ve had events in the past, like earthquakes in Wellington, that have prevented staff from getting to work. For this reason, we’ve also always had business continuity plans, which are also often tested, to ensure that we can provide services from multiple locations and staff can work from home.

COVID-19 has challenged us all, personally and professionally, in different ways. It’s also challenged us to update our business continuity plan to a new level, following an extensive risk analysis of the potential impact of the virus, due to the real risk of it impacting multiple sites simultaneously and for an extended period.

For over 50 years, Datacom has been providing payroll services to thousands of businesses across Australia and New Zealand. As technology has evolved over this time, so have we. Today, our software is cloud-based so our staff and clients can access it from anywhere. Our staff are also, like many of us, getting used to working from home on a regular basis, including completing our day-to-day work, team briefings and catch-ups.

As the current situation evolves, our payroll systems, and our business continuity and disaster recover plans will do so to, to make sure our staff can look after yours.

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