It was towards the end of 2019 and the staff at Australian data and applications hosting specialist BG Unified Solutions were looking forward to closing out another busy and successful year.

Then, disaster hit.

“We started facing frequent and unexplained network outages,” explains BGU’s co-founder and managing director, Saurabh Sareen.

“These resulted in direct and significant financial impacts for the business and our customers. Unable to get adequate technical and management attention applied to their network failures, they remained exposed and frustrated.”

With BGU’s reputation for high up-time and quality of service on the line, Saurabh made the call to look for a new data hosting infrastructure provider. That was a daunting task: BGU has experienced massive growth in recent years, with its infrastructure footprint expanding to 15 racks of equipment. It also has dozens of clients with mission-critical applications and voice calling services reliant on its infrastructure.

It needed a partner that was flexible, scalable and could move fast to ease the pain of BGU’s customers who were suffering network outages.

The answer was a migration to Datacom, our dedicated hosting infrastructure based in AirTrunk’s state-of-the-art Sydney (SYD1) and Melbourne (MEL1) hyperscale facilities. We offer hosting and co-location services as well as state-to-state and trans-Tasman interconnectivity via our dedicated network.

We went to work with BGU, laying the groundwork for a migration that would hopefully cause no further disruption to BG’s customers.

“There were some tense moments given the high stakes involved,” admits Saurabh. “But the migration outage was no more than the travel time transferring our equipment between facilities and the time between power off and power on again. The transition was completely successful.”

Using the Datacom National Network, we were able to interconnect with BGU’s existing hosting provider via high capacity links to undertake the migration of data and applications. The whole process took just two weeks.

With its infrastructure now powered by Datacom, BG Unified Solutions now enjoys all of the benefits the service has to offer, including flexible commercial terms, diverse distributed denial of service (DDOS) protected internet services and on-floor technicians, who are available 24/7.

a man pushing hardware on a trolley
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With Datacom's consumption-based hosting model, customers only pay for what they use, not high fixed monthly costs.

By consolidating BGU’s racks from 15 down to 11 (seven production and four reserve racks) combined with on consumption usage has resulted in some big savings.

"That has reduced my monthly hosting costs by 60 per cent," says Saurabh.


"For the first time in years, I have total visibility around what I'm paying for," he adds.


For Karan Lokhande, Sydney-based Business Development Manager at Datacom, the pay-as-you-go model represents a fairer approach that gives customers tangible savings.

"They can typically lower their costs by 40 per cent. In the case of BGU it was 60 per cent. People are quite taken aback by this as the market is still getting used to it."

With a successful migration behind it, BGU is back in the business of focusing on the needs of its growing customer base. Most importantly, Sareen and the team have a hosting provider they can put their trust in.

"The data centre is the basis of my whole business," he says. "Now I sleep well every night."

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