“It is more important than ever that we come together and celebrate our local businesses and everything they’ve achieved in what has been an incredibly tough year for our community,” says Datacom General Manager – Mid Market ITO, Hayden Mckee.

Datacom, which is New Zealand’s largest homegrown technology company and has a local team based in Hawke’s Bay, decided to become a sponsor of the Hawke’s Bay Business Awards for the first time this year.

The awards take place this Friday (17 November) at the Napier War Memorial Centre and Mckee says he is looking forward to recognising the hard work and achievements of this year’s finalists and winners.

Hayden Mckee headshot
Hayden Mckee is looking forward to recognising the hard work and achievements of this year’s finalists and winners at the Hawke’s Bay Business Awards.

“Our team has the privilege of working alongside local businesses and helping them to use technology to solve their challenges and create new opportunities,” says Mckee, the former CEO of LANtech.

“We’ve always been impressed by the skills and talent of the organisations and people we work with, but in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Gabrielle we saw incredible resilience and a real dedication from everyone wanting to support their customers and the wider community.”

Datacom’s local team pitched in too, helping Foodstuffs get back to serving customers by flying Starlink devices into Wairoa and Gisborne to keep their internet up and running.

At the Te Pūkenga | EIT campus in Hawke’s Bay, the Datacom team helped to reestablish core network and communication services on-site and to off-campus locations allowing the tertiary provider to return services after the flood damage.

Other local projects this year have included helping Te Whatu Ora to upgrade their server operating systems and managed service for Citrix support in Hawke’s Bay, and helping deliver a new payroll application for Napier Port, which has been very well received.

Napier port on a sunny day
Delivering a new payroll system for Napier Port is one of many local projects delivered by Datacom this year, and has been very well received.

Looking ahead, Mckee says Datacom will continue to grow their local team and invest time and resources in local partnerships and projects.

“We have just a signed long-term lease on a new building at H Central in Hastings, and we’ll be moving in next year in July 2024. It’s been a hard year for our local community and our local businesses, but we’re excited about what lies ahead for us all.”

Earlier this year Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst described Datacom’s investment in growing its local team an indication of the strength of the region and the many thriving local organisations that are based there.

“It’s a real positive to see the country’s largest homegrown technology company making a commitment to our local companies,” says Hazlehurst. “Having the right support and expertise on hand is an important advantage for any business and we would be excited to see them establish their new base in Hastings.”

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